Types of Male Yanderes


This was originally going to be my male yandere collection, but I really can’t be bothered to make a list. Since I’ve seen some people link to this site when they’re discussing about male yanderes, I’ll just keep the definitions here.

There are two types of yandere: Obsessive and Possessive. If you were a female yandere fan, you would have known these definitions. I believe that we should also use these, but extend on them.

Found this while looking for decent pictures of my yandere/yangire collage….

The internet and whoever came up with the terms has classified that basically obsessive yanderes would kill people just to be with their lover, and that possessive are those that’d kill their lover to be with them forever. Well, I have my own ways of defining them:

Possessive Yanderes are those who are those willing to abuse their partner. (Physically and mentally.) They’d lock them in a cage in their room if they have to, they’d break their bones so they can’t move, heck they’d even kill. I find these Yanderes a lot more selfish and insane (in a bad way), which is why I think they’re trash. There are probably some cases where a possessive yandere has raped their lover. *cough* Sal from Wadanohara *cough* Most males are these, and they are complete and utter trash. Heck, they’re mainly just sadists who don’t have a good laugh. They usually have that generic sadist grin, and wishes to break their lover.

Obsessive Yanderes are those who will kill others to be with their partner, or will technically do anything. Unlike possessive ones, they don’t have any intentions ever harming their lover. (In fact, everything they do is to benefit their lover, not themselves.) In most cases, they’d rather kill them self in place of who they’re in love with. The good news, is that these people normally have good laughs and GREAT faces. (When I mean great, I don’t mean a sadistic creepy grin, but an innocent child like smile. Or mainly just plain insanity.)

Although I’m definitely not into the ones who will murder any guy I talk to, I’m completely fine with them murdering anyone who harms me. :^) There is an extent where I will like possessive yanderes, but only if they show some obsessive characteristics.

And then yangires are those who are yandere but without the love. Simple as that really. I like them more because… Most yangire males are ACTUALLY DEVELOPED AND HAVE CHARACTER TO THEM. Most yandere males don’t have backstories that I can relate to, and they don’t even have a VALID reason to love someone.


(This is why I always make stories in my head)


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