Went To Ripley’s Aquarium!

Let me start this out by saying that I LOVE sea creatures. I think they’re majestic, beautiful, gorgeous, and every other adjective in the English language. Ils sont tres, tres beaux! So I asked my parents if we could go to Toronto to go there. I honestly expected them to say no, especially since we live pretty far from Toronto (would say how long, but that’d reveal parts of my location) and they actually said yes! Right in the morning we were headed straight there. I had very high expectations for this aquarium. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as I thought! You see turtles on those advertisements yet YOU DON’T EVEN SEE ANY TURTLES. What’s up with that!? I wish there was more of a variety of tropical fish. Most of the fish are from North America, but I see those fish quite often since I often go fishing and I live in North America. When I go to an aquarium, I want to see fish from other regions! I took some images, however it was WAY too dark, so most of them are difficult to see.


The jellyfish were wonderful! Unfortunately it was hard to take any good images, since they were very transparent. This was the best one I took.


Just some fish swimming around~!


One cuttlefish swimming! Random fact: I think cuttlefish are delicious. Even though I love sea creatures, I love to eat them too, hehe.


Zebra turkey fish! I remember catching them in Animal Crossing all of the time. Are you a turkey, zebra, or a fish? Make up your mind!


Some more fish. The stupid darkness are the reason why these images aren’t clear.


So. Many. Fishies!


A BLUE LOBSTER. AMAZING! This was one of the best animals I’ve seen. It’s so pretty!

I took a lot more, but most of them were unclear, and I didn’t want to make a huge post.

As said, I expected a lot more to be honest. We spent an hour and forty minutes in this aquarium. I’m actually concerned for most of the animals in the exhibit, since the space they live in are SO SMALL. And the bigger areas are crowded with other fishes, it’s definitely not the best living conditions. I’m so glad we bought tickets online because the lines were HUGE. The area was also extremely crowded as well, it was hard to take pictures. I honestly don’t think the ticket price is worth the content (thirty dollars for an adult/teen, twenty for a child.) My favourite place would have to be the dangerous lagoon, I took a lot of selfies I have to admit. But I saw tons of SHARKS! I also saw shark eggs, they’re really unique. You can see the baby shark moving around in the egg!

So overall I rate the place 7/10. It’s one of the better places to visit in Toronto, but the amount of people can make your experience worse to be honest. It’s nothing too extraordinary as they make it seem, so don’t go to Toronto just for that unless you live close.

I had fun, but I definitely won’t be going there again unless they decide to add tons of new stuff and they lower the price. To be honest this is probably one of the better aquariums in the world, but I expect too much. Heheh.



Went To A Butterfly Conservatory Today

My family and I decided to go to the butterfly conservatory. It was awesome! Too overpriced though, a great way to spend an hour. It was also a bit too small. Multiple butterflies landed on me, and I managed to take images on my phone.





I wanted to buy a souvenir but they were way too overpriced. Thirty dollars for a shirt is too expensive for me… I also wish it wasn’t too overcrowded, it was hard to take pictures without someone else in the photo. Staff were really friendly, which is what I love. Even though I had fun, there were tons of flaws. I rate this place 7/10.