Mystic Messenger – Casual Story Day 4

LONG POST INCOMING. I took a shit ton of screenshots on this day! Today is the last day of the common route. Afterwards, I will begin someone’s route. ;D You’ll just have to see who I successfully entered! I would also like to mention that my profile picture never appears… Every time I try to change it, it just… gets deleted seconds later? So when you see my messages, there will be no icon. *Shrugs in disappointment*

Be thankful, because today I’m extremely busy with homework and clubs, and I decided to squeeze in this instead of watching pointless youtube videos. These posts also take too much time to make.

This will become a link for Susan’s blog when she posts about the 4th day!


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Mystic Messenger – Casual Story Day 2 + 3

I didn’t upload yesterday because of personal problems. To make up for it, I’m going to make two posts today! Yay!

EDIT: Turns out, I unintentionally uploaded all of the stuff from the 3rd day along with this post… I didn’t think it was the third day… until I looked back. Whoops. 🙂

Don’t forget that I’m doing a collab with Susan! Click here to see what she did on the second day!


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Mystic Messenger – Casual Story Prologue + Day 1

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new series that will last the next 11 days (maybe less if I get a bad end) of my life: Mystic Messenger! After FINALLY getting a new phone, I am willing to present this… entertaining game and start a collab with my buddy, Susan! ❤ FOLLOW HER BLOG HERE. WILL ADD A LINK HERE WHEN SHE MAKES A POST.

I forgot to post this earlier, and I feel like Susan might tomorrow, but that’s okay! She’s going to do the deep story of Mystic Messenger and hopefully go through Jumin’s route (the black haired guy obsessed with his cat), whilst I’m going for some blonde haired kid obsessed with video games named Yoosung. Unlike other visual novels, I would say this more worth it to play considering that it’s not as stupid as other otome games I’ve played! Let’s get right into the prologue and the first day!

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