I had to

I was looking at my old art and I posted something that showcased my improvement…

And I cringed at my improved drawing back then…

So I tried to redraw it real quickly…

I mean, I think I just changed my style, but w/e.


School and Art

I haven’t been posting Mystic Messenger because of school work. Yeah, it’s taking up my life. In fact, I barely have any time to digital draw. I doodle a lot on my notes, but honestly when I tried to draw again, it did not go WELL.

I freaking kept on doodling until I came up with something decent, and this is the first thing I made without erasing it:

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Doodles Because I’m Pissed

I’m pissed from something, so I decided to doodle. Drawing doesn’t calm be down unlike most people, but doodles do! I wanted to doodle Gill, because why not?


daily reminder that gill is literally a tsun turn yan

this is literally how i imagine gill’s basement:


used molly instead of angela, because molly is prettier than angela imho


only i will laugh at this

doodle – mah oh-tea-pee

i wanted to doodle my otp of two of my ocs so there you go

aww otp






















aww they’re so cute they’re almost perfect for each other

too bad what happens in the story in my head this isn’t the actual ship, but something else

would change it to this, but that’d ruin the plot!! also i love it when my children suffer and not be in their perfect relationship

also, have this unholy edition of this drawing 😉 hUEHUEHUEHUEHEUEHUEHUE kill me before I lay eggs.