oshit bois

Yesterday Colin and I made out on his couch.

It was very nice.

Life is sometimes good.


When Life Hits You Hard.

I decided to take a little nostalgia trip, and I could see the old conversations Jared and I used to have. It’s depressing really, how he used to joke around a lot, but nowadays he’s not the same.

I miss the comfort that I received in that relationship. It was absolutely outstanding and I loved all of the memories him and I had together.

It’s sad that even though he’s nothing like he was once before, and everything that I liked about him is gone- I still want to be with him. I still love him.

But he’s moved on. He’s dating someone else. He’s much happier with her. And she’s much prettier than me.

And when I find myself liking another guy, OF COURSE he doesn’t like me back. Of course he’d deny me. Sure I’d be an entertaining friend, but there’s nothing to like about me romantic wise.

I’ve messed everything up so badly.

I can only hope that in the future I can laugh at this post and be happy with someone.

However, no matter what, it seems with enough time you just end up getting bored of each other. Or they just get bored of you.

I Chose My Courses…

I looked at the McMaster and McGill University requirements for a Science/Health Science degree(they are both universities I want to get into), and luckily all I need is University English, Calculus, Advanced Functions, Biology, Chemistry, and a M/U course that isn’t English, Math, or Science. Which means that I can take art all 4 years! 🙂 (I know I shouldn’t be revealing where I want to go to, but I won’t make a post saying which one I’m going towards in the future. :P)

Unfortunately I dropped French. Although it’s good for my future, it stresses me out. I know McGill is primarily an English School, so I’ll do fine with my studies. In addition, since I’ll be surrounded by French people, I’ll pick up French there, everyday. But it’s very possible I might not go to McGill, and be forced to attend McMaster by my dad. ._____.

So anyways, here are my classes:


Unfortunately, I have to take Religion since I go to a Catholic school. Fuck Religion. I could have taken animation or computer science.

I don’t need Data Management, but it’s useful for my business adventures and shit and I usually get 95%+ in Math, so…


While my parents disapprove. I took art for the easy marks AND I have a passion for art, even though I’m not the best artist. It’s a fun course!

I took all three sciences jussst in case. I don’t need it, but you never know… And I’m not bad at science either.