I’m Not Back, But I Have Updates

Hey. I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but looking back at this I just have a few announcements I feel like I have to make. Who even remembers me anyways?

1. I’m not dating Jared anymore. Please do not bring him up in the future. I am not entirely willing to talk about what happened, but we’re not together, nor do I think we’ll ever be together again.

2. I have a major crush on one of my guy friends. I don’t know why I have never mentioned him on this blog; he’s just so nice! For his privacy, I’m just going to call him Colin. Unfortunately he does not know how he feels about me, so we’ll see how that goes. I have a feeling he doesn’t like me back though. I’m also heavily obsessed with him- I don’t think I have ever been this obsessed before. Like I’ve had crushes but damn, if you guys talked to me on a daily basis I’d at least scream Colin’s name once and how nice he is. I wasn’t even this obsessed with Jared.

3. Looking at that one post where I listed my standards, I have changed a lot; I’m a lot less picky. All I want for a guy at this point is for him to respect my wishes when it comes to things like children, not be an asshole, not do drugs, and to not have piercings/tattoos. The last requirement could be altered depending, but it’s just a massive turn off for me.

4. Also I’m not less depressed emotional wise, but back then despite my extreme sadness, I sounded so energetic. Now I sound pretty depressed all of the time, but I’m a lot less suicidal than I was before, I guess.

5. Did I mention how nice Colin is? Like he legitimately makes me so happy. ;w;;

6. Yesterday I was staring at him in Art class while the teacher was talking. He noticed me, and gave me a weird look. ;w;;;;


8. Read 2, 6, 7 and you can get a good idea why I think he doesn’t like me back.



11 thoughts on “I’m Not Back, But I Have Updates

  1. Bruhhhh how long has it been?

    Just the usual investigating blogs for nostalgia’s sake for possible surprise posts from the dead and look who’s still here!!1

    I deleted my site because that place was a cringe cesspool and also because I realized people I knew in real life were discovering it. I sorta regret that decision because that place was enriched with hilarious memories, lmao

    I’m glad you feel you’re making advancements in your relationships. Sorry I was rude to you in the past about your artwork and mildly immature towards your relationships. It sounds silly, but really I did not understand how life worked for somebody older than me. And I’m convinced everybody in this community thought I was that one kid who came off as slightly (really) egotistic and shallow. low-key still am both of those

    I just want to thank you for being a part of my frivolous internet life the past few years. I know all of us ex-Fantage users in this tiny community were complete strangers sharing about our lives for absolutely no reason, and internet acquaintanceship has seemingly little meaning, but… But what? Idk. I think I just mean to say that these years were great. WP was my life and it couldn’t have been a more wholesome early childhood asdfljasdf

    also my snapchat is lukapuka88
    my skype is always open x___luke___x in case
    so is my discord Luka Puka#1532
    and instagram is lukchahoa


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