My Friends Found Me a New Boyfriend

“Anna, I’m going to tell you good news- in June!”

So apparently in June they’re going to introduce me to this guy who will willingly call me “daddy”. He’s going to be coming to our city, and I’m just thinking, “WHAT THE FUCK”

Here’s all I know about him (they didn’t reveal anything, they wanted it to be a surprise:

  1. He’s 16.
  2. He wants to become a lawyer.
  3. He will call me daddy in bed.


So I asked them, “hey, can I like actually message him because you guys don’t know entirely my tastes in guys?” but they were like “NOO, ANNA TRUST ME THIS GUY IS YOUR PERFECT MAN!”

I asked my friend, Santa Claus (called her that in the past) about who the fuck this person is, but she doesn’t know. However, she has agreed to become my spy or some shit. She’ll get involved and tell me the news.

Anyways, basically I told my friends awhile back that I want to fuck my future boyfriend with a strapon. I’ve told them details about how I want to be on top of the guy, but to be very honest with you guys, that’s only a fraction of my desired sex. For the most part, I actually wanna be on the bottom and fucked hard, but I think the sadistic side of my desired sex life is worth to note, so I tell all of my friends that. (I have weird kinks.)

So I have said numerous times, “I WILL NEVER FIND A BOYFRIEND.” So they challenged themselves that they will find the perfect guy- and they have. Apparently they found him online.

I doubt that I’d like him, honestly. I mean, I never admitted this to my friends:

  1. He has to be a bit yandere. Or more. Just sayin’
  2. He has to want adopted kids
  3. He can’t be religious
  4. He has to have the same government views as me
  6. He has to accept me and everything that is odd about me
  7. Something that I forgot

Anyways, I have to wait until June. .__.

I bet 100% he’s not my type.


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