February 6th 2017

I’m doing these again, now that I have motivation and exams are over, lmao.

So today was turnaround day. Basically we saw our exam marks, and go to our new classes for semester two.


Let’s NEVER talk about my Math exam. Fuck my teacher, and fuck me for messing up.

In History, I would get my teacher to check over my shit to see if I had to write more. She said my shit was perfectly fine! NOPE, SHE TOOK OFF MARKS FOR THINGS SHE SAID I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN PERFECT IN. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- Also I had to do an essay. I had an English teacher for History, so of course I didn’t get fucking perfect on that part either. RIP my History mark. I probably have a 96% now 😦 (BEFORE I HAD 99%, I CAN COMPLAIN.)

FUCK MY RELIGION EXAM TOO. LET’S NEVER TALK ABOUT THAT. I swear, the scantron must have fucked up, but when I asked to see mine, he said he had them and ignored my question. He seemed too pissed, so I didn’t ask again. (LIKE I DID PERFECT ON EVERYTHING, BUT I DID SO BAD ON THE MULTIPLE CHOICE… BUT THAT WAS SO EASY!)

Anyways, new semester, new grades, LET’S HOPE I DO MUCH BETTER. I have Business, Science, English, and Art, in that order.

IN BUSINESS I GOT MY IRL BFF SITTING BESIDE ME. AWW YEAH, SHE GOT INTO BUSINESS. But we had to do a math test in business. I’m not kidding. It was questions about interest and profits. Way to fucking go, first day! (It was easy for me, but I digress.)

In Science I sat beside a friend of mine, who I will call Samantha (I TELL MY PARENTS I’M GOING TO SAMANTHA’S HOUSE WHEN I’M REALLY GOING TO A GUY’S HOUSE, HAHAHAHA). We had to do this stupid NFL naming game. I know nothing about football. So did Samantha. So him and I chilled the entire time, with another friend who I have called Mary in the past.

In English I sat beside Samantha again. Him and I have Science and English together, so now he’s my new buddy. We had some competition thing. It was half the side of the class verses the other. It also turns out, that I have a REALLLLLLY easy marker for English, so my English mark better be at least 91% this year. He kinda rigged it in a way where he gave more points to the other team because they were losing a lot of points and had a lot of tie breakers. I HELPED MY TEAM WIN WITH THE LAST QUESTION: What is Animal Farm an analogy of? (Something like that, idk. Now that I think about it, the question needs to be reworded, but I swear he said that word for word). I SAID IT WAS THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION. I wouldn’t have know this without my irl bff, lmao.

THEN IN ART… We did art. Yeah, pretty much it. I have a bunch of friends in that class. ‘Twas fast and fun.

Today was a slow day, but things happened.


10 thoughts on “February 6th 2017

  1. your grades are so good?????? my second semester just started a week ago so i have all A’s but i’m probably going to drop down to an A- in the next few days lol.
    Also you’re so lucky to have your friends next to you in your class ;_; i sit next to this person who knows the answer to everything and he always screams out the answer, which i have no problem with except he always yells in my ear…

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  2. anna give me ur brain i am an idiot pls ;'(((((
    congratsssssss on the coolio grades tho!!!! dont blame urself for getting lower than what u expected at least u did ur besttt!!!
    (be happy u did gud i fucked up this semester and got a 92%, the 1/4s and 1/2s didnt count in my report so i was screwed :'((((( )

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