Dad’s Conversation

He asked how school was today.

Oh look, he’s trying to be a “caring” father.

But he failed, because he didn’t know what fucking classes I had. He asked if I was studying for my Science exam. How the fuck do you as a parent not know what courses I am studying this semester? Oh, because they never bother to ask or remember.

He then goes on and tells me that he doesn’t want me to end up like my brother.

I knew where this was going.

He said that he was heavily disappointed in him.

Jesus Christ, don’t say this shit to your daughter.

Then asked me what he did wrong as a dad.

Wait? You did something as a father? Since when?

“Will you end up like your brother?” My sperm donor asked.

I hate it when he brings this topic up.

When I was younger, I was conditioned that my father was a good father. I truly believed that he was an amazing father. But now? Fuck no.

Awhile back, he literally told me that my brother had depression. Then he proceeded to tell me that he thinks my brother isn’t mentally ill; he’s perfectly healthy but lazy. Then tells me how my brother sometimes says he wants to kill himself, and my fucking sperm donor told me that he might as well.

My dad also told my brother that I shouldn’t become a doctor, because then it’d be too late to have children.

Fuck you dad. If you wanted biological grandkids, you should have raised me better. I’m either adopting or having no kids.

People will say I will change my mind, but I have my reasons.

I don’t want to give birth to an overpopulated, corrupt world.

INB4 “YOU SHOULD LOVE YOUR DAD! HE GAVE BIRTH TO YOU!” I don’t love a person who indirectly tells my brother to kill himself. That’s the first warning sign.


9 thoughts on “Dad’s Conversation

  1. WTF? How would it be too late to have kids? Just…whaaaaaaat…?
    (Also, if you’re not taking science this year, what are you taking? I thought everyone in grade 10 had to take science still…)


  2. It’ll all be fine, you know? You, me and Jared are all going to be ballin’ some day. Maybe not today, but some day.

    In the meantime, ignore the bullshit spewing out of your dad’s mouth. The thing your dad and my mum have most in common is that they can’t hold onto us for long.

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