January 12nd 2017

Instead of doing math homework again, I’m writing this!!

I remember having a dream about this one terrible dad. Too bad I forgot everything after 10 minutes of waking up!

So while visiting my IRL friend today, we discussed about cringey people who claim to be yanderes. That’s pretty much it. We had good laughs.

Our French teacher wasn’t here today, and it was a work period day for our ISU. My partners and I started recording the voices (the ISU for French is a video). We surprisingly finished in time! I can finally make huge amounts of progress.

For Math we had another review day. Boring same old shit.

In History, our French teacher read a book that was written by one my my classmate’s grandfather! It was very dramatic. She read the chapter about how he became a prisoner of war, and the psychological shit he went though. He literally would see other prisoners kill themselves… Harsh. Afterwards, we took some notes.

So my IRL bestie had an appointment today, so for lunch I was with my huge group of friends today. One of my friends printed out a bunch of places she is going to apply to. Another took videos of us and uploaded it on snapchat… (SERIOUSLY THOUGH, I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THIS! MY FUCKING PRIVACY. I HATE IMAGES OF ME ON THE INTERNET!) One friend of mine is obsessed with another friend of mine’s cousin. And then another friend of mine asked me what kind of guys I liked. Fuck man, I hate describing my dream man because it’s very complex than just “FUNNY, SMART, KIND”, so I decided not to. Idk, we talked about a bunch of things, and none really stood out to me.

For Religion we talked about Social Justice, and worked on our Christian Community Service.

I went home early, to immediately see more cringey yanderes and work on my French ISU. I CAN GLADLY SAY I AM LIKE 10% DONE!! ON YEAH AND IT’S DUE ON MONDAY!!

Today was not that much of an eventful day. Time to do my Math homework :U


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