January 11th 2017

I should be finishing my math homework, but whatever.

So today should have been a stressful day. Surprisingly I was quite calm and I didn’t panic.

I woke up at 5:35 today, and immediately TRIED to go back to sleep. I “officially” woke up at 6:00am to study for my History test today. But not only did I have the history test- we had the mock literacy test. It was the EXACT PRACTICE ONES we did a few months ago, so everyone was pissed.

Now let’s go back a bit- let me explain things in chronological order again.

When I went to school today, my IRL close friend told me that she saw my blog post. She is excited about my other friend switching Business to Italian. Let me tell you, I am excited as well! BECAUSE HER AND I LITERALLY HAVE NO CLASSES TOGETHER NEXT SEMESTER OTHERWISE!! 🙂 I forgot what else we talked about.

So we had the mock literacy test for periods 1 and 2. So for French, we had to write the test. Surprisingly, I was one of the first ones done..? I am so used to being the last one finished. But no, I actually was finished waay ahead of everyone. Before I would rush the test because of time, and I rushed it again, with better results! I used the extra time to study for History.

In Math class, everyone was screaming about how the test was the EXACT SAME. My Math teacher called whoever was in charge of the practice tests, and apparently it’s not a problem. We might have gotten the wrong ones from the Ontarian government. Everyone was so PISSSSED. In fact, some people literally decided not to do it. Eh, I did it, and I was the first one finished! Like JFC, HOW DID I BECOME SO SLOW TO SO FAST??? I MEAN EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IT’S THE SAME TEST, BUT PEOPLE STILL TOOK MORE TIME???

The History test WAS LONNNNNG. The multiple choice was the hardest part, because it literally had questions that were so insignificant. :U Everything else was fine though. I think I got at least 90%, but I want 100%. >:uuuuuuuu A lot of people thought they failed.

For lunch, I went to see my group of friends for the first half, then my Partner in Crime for the second. When I was with my group of friends, they talked about how much they hated our school. To be honest with you, it could be WAYYYY worse. The public school I was supposed to go to IS FUCKING HORRIBLE. THERE IS A LITERAL SMOKE PIT FOR THEIR SCHOOL. YOU SEE PEOPLE SKIP CLASS ALL OF THE TIME. LIKE I’M HONESTLY HAPPY THAT I WENT TO MY CATHOLIC SCHOOL! Some people just take things for granted, I guess.

For the second half, I added my IRL close friend on Line Play, I told her about My Horse Prince, and Habitica. Simple shit. I hope she did good on her Physics quiz today!

In Religion, all we did was watch The Bible. To be honest with you, it was boring. Christianity doesn’t interest me, no matter how dramatic they make it.

I tutored tonight. I got only one hour, though. I need 1.5 more hours for a 2% boost in any class that I choose. :I There’s not much to talk about tutoring. I mean, I helped my fellow classmates with math?

When I went home, I ate, AND ACTUALLY CLEANED MY ROOM FOR ONCE. HUR-FUCKING-RAY! When I mean my room, I mean my desk area. IT’S SO NICE NOW THOUGH! Terrible for the average person, BUT IT LOOKS NICE TO ME.

That’s all I really care about sharing though. Today was an okay day. I expected it to be worse, but it was okay.


7 thoughts on “January 11th 2017

  1. You added her on LP? Will you be introducing her to the rest of us sometime? 😛
    Also, WTF is with your class? When we got the exact same things we’d been told about in French, it wasn’t this big deal. It was just the way it was. Sheesh, some people really need to count their blessings… 🙄


    • She made an account on BRD, lol
      This was the ENGLISH PRACTICE MOCK LITERACY test. We have to pass the real one in March. But having the same shit over and over again doesn’t help us. :U


      • Oh, Lizzy? Or is this someone else? If it’s someone else, I don’t see her on the new users page… 😛
        Well, I guess it would if that were the real one. But yeah, you should look for other practice tests online or something. That’s what I did…


      • Lizzy lol
        TBH I’m quite confident. It’s just that we had the mock test instead of first and second periods, so it was a waste of our time.


      • Ohhhhh. I was wondering if we were going to get someone new on BRD. ;D I wish the person who I’d asked had been able to join, TBH… ;-;
        Oh, that’s good! And schools love to make you waste your time. Sigh.

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  2. Hey girl, great Life post. So when are you going to write more funny stuff about anime guys or otome game guys? You and I have the exact same preference and thoughts about cartoon men, though I’m okay with crazy hair colors. I want to see you roast some dudes, lol.

    On Jan 11, 2017 8:17 PM, “Uncontrollable Thoughts” wrote:

    > Anna posted: “I should be finishing my math homework, but whatever. So > today should have been a stressful day. Surprisingly I was quite calm and I > didn’t panic. I woke up at 5:35 today, and immediately TRIED to go back to > sleep. I “officially” woke up at 6:00am t” >


    • Oh, I actually had some planned, but because people only really cared about the “anime guy” post more than the otome, I didn’t really bother. But hey, if you’d want, I can probably start making another one around this weekend.
      Glad to know that you enjoy them though!


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