January 10th, 2017

I’m going to be writing these when I first come home, so that I consider this as a little “rest” and continue on with my work immediately afterwards.

Today, was Ultra-Cunt’s birthday, or whatever I called her last time. Her locker was decorated perfectly. Everyone who saw her immediately said to her, “happy birthday!” Man, she desperately wants a special sweet sixteen.

When I went to see my friend first thing in the morning today, we were not interrupted. I forgot what we talked about exactly, but whatever it was, I enjoyed our discussion. I think she had a photography project due today, and I hoped she did well.

Immediately when I went in my French classroom, my teacher requested me to fill up her water bottle- in French. From now on, you should automatically assume that anything she or someone else says in my French class, that it’s in French. So I quickly did. Found it odd that she asked me even though I wasn’t the first one there, but I digress. Ultra-Cunt is in my French class. She wrote her birthday on the board, and the teacher gave her candy. Later, my teacher told us about how we have a practice OSSLT tomorrow for first and second periods. She also will not be here Thursday, so she gave us a booklet to do that is due Friday. Fun! Today was just the daily French routine. We talked about ourselves, and practiced how to do simple commands.

In math we had another review day of the second unit. So basically, everyone just socialised while our teacher does… whatever. He kinda sucks. Like, really badly. I was talking to my friend about how I believe sweet sixteens are kinda stupid, and how we should celebrate our eighteenth birthday more, or our twentieth. I mean, you can’t do a lot when you’re sixteen. I’m almost sixteen, and I still feel young!

But of course, Ultra-Cunt was in my math class, and sounded extremely offended.

“BEING SIXTEEN IS SPECIAL! You can finally get your driver’s license!”

Driver’s license my ass. You /can/ drive, but you have TO HAVE AN ADULT WITH YOU WHO CAN PROPERLY DRIVE AT ALL TIMES. You barely have any freedom. Whereas when you’re eighteen, you’re a legal adult, you can live by yourself, you have more responsibilities, AND you can possibly drive WITHOUT ANYONE WATCHING YOU. Eighteen birthdays are more special! We need something like an “excellent eighteen” or whatever.

Of course, I calmly stated my reasons, to which she replied, “Well, I believe sweet sixteens are special, so I spent a lot of money to rent *insert an expensive hall here*! And I invited a lot of people!”

Bitch of course is jealous that I had more awards than she did in grade 9, so she didn’t invite me. It’s not like I would have went, but having the option would have been wonderful. I was considering saying happy birthday to her to prove that I am a better human being, but I think I am already a better human being for not bragging about how smart I am. In fact, not many people really considered me intelligent until they saw me with a shit ton of awards on my neck and hands.

In History we had another study period. I worked on my math homework. Eh.

For lunch I waited with my Friend (I think I called her Santa Claus before? lmao) so that she can switch her class from business to cosmetology, like a basic white bitch she’ll become. (She actually isn’t one, but c’mon, WHY LEARN ABOUT HAIR AND MAKEUP!?) She can’t switch, but she’s switching business to Italian soon. I AM GOING TO TELL MY IRL BESTIE ABOUT IT, SO SHE CAN SWITCH! MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! :))))))) YOU WIN SOME YOU LOSE SOME!! Afterwards, I joined my huge group of friends, and we talked about random shit.

Today was D.E.A.R (drop everything and read), so when we went to fourth period, we had to read a book for 30 minutes. I decided to use that time wisely to study History. Then in Religion we had a lesson about how it’s important to put one before ourselves, and that a group of people is more important than yourself. Not the best advice for someone who are mentally ill, but whatever!

ECO club was cancelled, and I wouldn’t go regardless because I have a HUGE History test tomorrow. So I went on the bus. I hate going on the bus, because MINE IS SO CROWDED. ONE TIME WE HAD 3 PEOPLE TO A SEAT. THREE!! WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE FROM MY NEIGHBOURHOOD COME TO MY SCHOOL??? Someone who I have talked to a lot last year, second semester asked if she could sit beside me. You know, she’s actually a pretty decent human being and I enjoy talking to her so of course I said yes!

We talked about how school has been for both of us and other stuff. It was pleasant. It was nice to hear that she is doing AMAZING on school work! Around the end of our conversation, she asked about if people were bothering me about how I “got all of the awards”. I did begin to tear up, and I told her that I was extremely offended by how people were treating me. She told me that she heard a shit ton of nasty stuff about me and thought it was completely uncalled for. After all, it’s not my fault I did better than them. And so, she admitted that she told our French teacher about it.

This kinda goes a bit back, but the day after I got all of the awards, my French teacher told the class how all of the teachers were saying positive things about me. But she ended off with, “but we DO NOT look at that with jealousy! We look at them as a role model- to work as hard as them!” The girl kinda regretted the decision, because she knew that I did not more publicity about how I got all of these awards. But I forgive her. She did not intend the worst, but tried to make me feel better throughout other means and actually took action. In fact, during that time when I got a bunch of awards, a friend of mine told me that someone asked them if I was okay, because people were saying nasty stuff about me. Such a decent human being! People like the one I sat beside today on the bus restores my faith in humanity. I hope she becomes very successful individual with her desirable job! 🙂

Now I am home and I spent almost 30 minutes writing this entry. Damn, making a blog post takes forever, huh? 😛


8 thoughts on “January 10th, 2017

  1. Damn ultra-cunt sounds like an ultra cunt 😀
    And yeah, your 18th birthday does need to be celebrated more. I mean, you’re finally an adult (although where I live we can get our kind of licence at 14 and actual licence at 16 yayyy)

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