Goal of 2017: Write My Own Journal.

I’m going to be writing it here instead of in a book, so I can’t lose it. It’d be interesting to see how I progress as a person, and I want to be able to go back at this when I’m older and to see how much I’ve changed. I’ll try to post as daily as I can.

I don’t really care if the whole world knows the information I’m going to share. I only have one IRL friend who knows this blog, and she’s a very close friend.

So let’s start.

Today was the first day back into school for 2017. It was very, very long.

My normal school morning routine consists of me visiting my close friend. I talk about things that I would normally never mention to my other friends, so I like to keep our conversations extremely personal. However, one of my friends interrupted us. My friend isn’t that much of a social person so she kept quiet the entire time, as my other friend talked about simple things that I honestly do not remember as much. It was a shame, because there was a bunch of things I wanted to talk about but now I forgot.

For French all we did was a review of everything. In French class for our listening mark, we have to listen to fellow students. Sometimes my teacher would pick you to answer what this person did/feels. These two boys who I sit near where talking incredibly loud. So when my teacher picked me, I instantly said in French that I do not know because they were loud. Everyone began to laugh, and apparently their faces were priceless at the moment. My teacher giggled as well, and told me to be nice, in French. At least they were quiet for the rest of the day. My friend called me savage.

For Math we had a unit 1 review. Nothing really “interesting” happened in that class. I can’t exaggerate an event like I did for French.

For History we had a study period. My friend, who interrupted my closer friend and I, kept on asking about my “bae”. (Jared). She asked me if I was still with him, and asked how things were going. She was so fucking loud about it. I don’t like talking about him when other people can listen, so it was annoying and I told her to drop the subject. She probably things that he and I are in an argument, but you just don’t bring up things when other people can easily ease drop. My relationship with Jared is very personal, and I’d rather not have that many people acknowledge it.

I visited my friend once again for lunch so I can properly communicate with her. We just had typical small talk. I shared about things I did during the break and so did she. If you’re reading this, hey close friend! ;D

For Religion we had to start our community service reflection. I worked pretty hard on it actually. A lot of people used it as social time, but I wrote a really neat reflection with my best handwriting yet.

At the end of the day I asked the people who I tutor if they want to be tutored today. They both said no. I am quite disappointed, because I want to get more hours, but I digress.

Yeah, it was a slow day at school.

When I went home, I did the usual. I talked to Nunnally about things such as school, uniforms, art, etc. Jared would sometimes join in. For once I did my homework immediately when I went home, and I studied quite a bit for History. It is only now when I’m taking this huge break.

Although this wasn’t an interesting day, I would say this was an above average day. Peaceful, non stressful, and I had a decent amount of time for myself. I didn’t really get emotional, or got extremely sad. Today was okay.


5 thoughts on “Goal of 2017: Write My Own Journal.

  1. this is a really nice idea but everyday for me is so monotonous that i doubt anyone would be interested to hear what i did lmao
    and wow fuck that friend who started talking abt jared loudly, and thats good that you werent stressed!

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