I am not dead. Yet.

hey y’all if you want to know what is up with me and why I haven’t posted during the break, this is what happened:

  • parties with friends
  • school work
  • job

So yeah. There is still some school work I must do. I honestly have nothing planned for this year; this is just another year for me. 2016 wasn’t that bad.

If I have any goals in particular, it’s to actually make a visual novel. πŸ˜›

There is nothing I really have to say (idk why I am even making this post), but have a silly story:

Today Greg left the class because he hated the talking parrot who tried to give Greg a big nice juicy long banana that was actually longer than a big juicy eggplant. “Feel it!” Long story short Greg got sick because his eggplant felt too good. Gregs eggplant actually had the herps because he sucked on a peach. The peach was infected with a horrible disease named AIDS. However, Adam was gay and got eggplant daily because his girlfriend wouldn’t wear a STRAP ON to do the do! His girlfriend then became a dyke. For the time being, they didn’t have much fun. “HUSTLE MY MUSCLE.” Jon came to a gay bar and met Adam for some fun. later on that night they both slid into a huge bed to hustle their muscle. It wasnt too much fun but they both got pregnant after they got some eggplants. In the end, They were all a bunch of gay, preegnant,Β fat lazy people. THE END!

I copied my friend’s story word for word. Spelling for spelling. You’re welcome.


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