Versatile Blogger Award?


Was tagged by Fruity.

I guess I’m supposed to do seven random facts about me? I didn’t see the whole thing, idk.

  1. My current character obsession is Yuta from One Last God Kubera!
  2. I have a tumblr.¬†You won’t be surprised by the content.
  3. I’m obsessed with The Body Shop. Filthy Bath and Body Works casuals. smh. gotta have that vegan lyfestyle y’know
  4. Right now, my average is 96%. Aww yish. I want a 97% average though. (JUST LIKE MY BROTHER!!)
  5. I want to adopt children. I don’t want biological kids.
  6. My friends keep on trying to get me to wear makeup, but I get extremely salty every time they ask that.
  7. I am okay with my twin, Nunnally, conducting inhumane experiments on my adoptive kids, like the caring mother I am.

I tag Nunnally, and Jared’s video game waifu. >:U