Thanks for Fueling My Crippling Depression

The fact that I say “crippling depression” makes it sound like it’s not serious, but because I haven’t actually went to check, I have no idea if it’s real or not.

Anyways, if you recall from my post “my crippling depression”, I mentioned how there were some people that were envious of me for getting all of these awards. This one girl, who I refer to as ultra-cunt, was definitely one of them. Ultra-cunt as a reputation of being the “smartest person evaar” in my grade. She brags about it. She says how she’s good in every single subject. She says she likes school. Blah blah blah, so you’d expect her to get all of the awards, right?

She got none. Besides the honor roll, which a bunch of other people also got.

So ever since then, she’s been treating me a fuck ton differently. She smiles at me weirdly, as if she’s planning something. She doesn’t say anything, but her actions are quite… peculiar around me. I can tell she fucking hates me and sees me as competition. It’s funny, because previously I told her that I basically sucked at every subject besides Math and Science. But you want to know what sucks? She only hates me because I do well. It’s not my fucking fault I got better grades than her. Just do better. Smh.

So you see, I would assume Ultra-cunt is quite rich. She is hosting her own sweet sixteen, and today gave everyone in her French class an invitation two months in advance. The cards were custom made! She ordered them online! She’s renting this huge ass fuck hall! BUT GUESS WHO DIDN’T GET AN INVITATION?? ME!! She fucking skipped me to give a card to the person next to me. Cunt.

It’s not like I’d go anyways, but she fucking didn’t even give me the option. Having an option would be nice. I hope only her friends (which she only has like 2) come. Fuck, most of the people invited don’t event talk to her.

Want to know something else? My nice friend, Santa Claus (I think this was her code name? It’s not her actual name) IS ONE OF HER TWO FRIENDS. But you know what? ULTRA-CUNT DOESN’T EVEN ACTUALLY LIKE SANTA CLAUS. SHE ONLY HANGS OUT WITH HER WHEN HER BFF ISN’T AROUND. BUT NOOO, Santa Claus says stuff like “SHE’S REALLY NICE BUT SHE’S JUST EXTREMELY COCKY” but doesn’t realise how she’s mistreating me?? I fucking tell her but she doesn’t listen.

TL;DR: Some bitch didn’t invite me to her rich sweet sixteen that she probably spent thousands on just because I got more awards than she did. This makes me very upset because I do not think I deserve this treatment.

She wants to be a criminal lawyer. I hope she gets some psychological damage from having to defend all of those rapists and murderers.


14 thoughts on “Thanks for Fueling My Crippling Depression

  1. well dayum
    i was once invited to a dude’s party who i barely really talked to; he just sits next to/across from me in a few of my classes
    idk what to feel about it
    i went
    but i didnt feel a connection to having a good time w/ that person pfft

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    • btw im pretty sure a lot of people are envious of me and hate me bc sometimes im show-offy but i dont talk about how i adore school like that ultra-cunt

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