The Math Test…

It was so hard, that people who had like 90% or higher struggled. Some people were actually crying because of how difficult it was.

BUT NOT FOR ME! Basically the test consisted of all of the hard homework questions that none of the teachers went over. You see, I’m blessed because I have big brother who knows how to math. So he told me how to math. Therefore, I was able to do the questions without a problem. I might have done some errors, but I hope I did perfect. The only complaint is that the test is very long; there was barely any time to check for errors.

In previous tests, I’ve done the stupidest of mistakes, so my mark is fucking low af. Well, it’s lower than what it was last year. And because I want to be ahead of the game, I want to have the highest math mark. THIS TEST WILL HELP ME THROUGH!

I’m a terrible person.


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