Lovely Mei

Was a written assignment for history class. It was history related because I was supposed to use slang terms from 1920s. I removed all slang terms, and removed all cultural references back then too. I got a 97.5% on it. It was marked based on the cultural references to the 1920s though, and grammar. I was going to rewrite it as a third person narrative, but I don’t have enough time, but I want to show off my story because I think it’s pretty neat.

Honestly though, the last part is generally the same. The beginning is quite different though, for those who have already read my original story.

Title: Lovely Mei

Cain: “Tonight I am going to kill someone.”

Seth: “Yo, calm down brother. Tell me, what’s wrong?”

Cain: “Oh you are here! Perfect. I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me recently.”

Seth: “Sure. In fact, why don’t we take a seat in the living room? Would you like some tea? I’ve started to learn how to brew tea. Not with those instant bags, but real tea. It’s quite delicious!”

Cain: “No thank you. I do not want to drink right now. I just want to talk.”

Seth: “Okay then. What’s wrong?”

Cain: “So I heard from our friend that you are dating Mei.”

Seth: “Wait, you have a friend? That we both share?”

Cain: “Stay on topic! I’m talking about Aleks! He told me about it.”

Seth: “I asked Mei out like three hours ago. He wouldn’t have known about it. Also, since when did you talk to Aleks?”

Cain: “Ah, well… That’s not the point! I just found out that you’re dating Mei, okay? But be honest with me, did you force her to date you?”

Seth: “Huh? No way! I just told her how I felt about her since childhood, and she accepted my confession! It’s true love!”

Cain: “How is that possible? I am an extraordinary person. I study my head off to achieve high marks. I try to be nice to everyone I know. I deserve her more than you, so how could someone like you date such a wonderful princess?”

Seth: “Hahahaha, you’re hilarious!”

Cain: “What is so funny?”

Seth: “You’re so full of yourself! I know you love her as well Cain, but if you really wanted her, you could have asked her first. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you missed out on the perfect opportunity countless of times. You’re not the only one who has feelings for her. I just did what any other person would do: ask the person they like out. Let’s not fight anymore. Mei and I are perfectly happy right now. Can you please just support your own twin?”

Cain: “Seth, you clearly do not deserve Mei. I will never support your relationship. I can not comprehend why she would choose to be with her! Give her back to me.”

Seth: “She was never yours from the start. She is not mine nor yours; she is her own individual capable of making her own decisions. She chose to date me out of her own free will. You can ask her yourself.”

Cain: “…Alright. I understand. So, I got my driver’s license recently. Want to go somewhere?”

Seth: “Certainly! Let’s watch the movies!”

Cain: “Alright then, why not? Get in the car!”

Seth: “Aw, thanks Cain! You’re the best twin. I owe you my life.”

Seth: “I hope you’re not upset about me dating Mei anymore.”

Cain: “Do not worry about it. It will be all over soon.”

Seth: “Wait, why are we suddenly in the wilderness?

Cain: “Good question. You know, I also wonder why Mei would fall for an idiot like you.”

Seth: “Hey! Stop pushing me out of the car! Ouch, what are you doing?”

Cain: “I am going to kill you-

Seth: “Aww, really? Well, you’re a bit too slow. You talk an awful lot.”

Cain: “Jesus Christ! My stomach! Since when did you have that knife on you?”

Seth: “Since always. Why wouldn’t I have it on me? Here, let me stab you some more!”

Cain: “Ouch! Okay, I see how it is. Take this!”

Seth: “Crap, you shot my arm! Where did you get that gun!? But it would take more than that to stop me!”

Cain: “If I cannot have Mei, none of us can! I will shoot the gas tank of the car, and it would blow both of us up!”

Seth: “Cain, have you gone insane?”

Cain: “You are one to talk! Prepare to die!”

Seth: “Wait, first I want to ask you something. Why did you intend on murdering me? Ever since we were little, you always had the better life. Our parents liked you more than me. Our teachers always thought you were the perfect little student, and ignored me! You are smarter than me, and you were more popular than me! In fact, Mei even liked you but you were to chicken to ask her out on time! So the moment I feel joy in my life, why do you want it to end so badly? But it’s okay, because the one who will die tonight is you.”

Cain: “You have a gun too!?”

Seth: “Yes. See you in hell.”

Cain: “Arrgghh!”

Seth: “I wonder why he didn’t shoot me this entire time. Oh, turns out he didn’t have any bullets left. Hey, there’s a letter in his pocket! It says, ‘Dear Cain, the only reason I dated Seth was to get closer to you. But I know that if Seth found out, he would kill me. Please take him out for me, so we can be together. Sincerely, Mei.’ What the… This can’t be!”


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  1. ok the first part was adorable bc the brothers just talked about mei but then “oh hey lets go somewhere”
    umm that ending doe
    ultimate plot tw1st y0l0 420 song name 360n0scop3 lennyy9R(YN3r9t#T)%h

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