Why Move to Canada?

I was going to write a “why you shouldn’t move to Canada” list, but instead of that, how about everyone who plans/wants to move to Canada tell me why they want to, and I’ll respond accordingly to my knowledge!

Canada isn’t Narnia. Sorry kids, but it’s actually a lot worse than what you think. Unless you actually know the entire truth.


22 thoughts on “Why Move to Canada?

  1. There is no “best country”, that’s silly ideology. Choose the most suitable place for your lifestyle and purpose. What’s preventing anyone from moving around and have multiple foreign residences? Canada’s as sold out and corrupt as the US, just another US lapdog. Learn to free ur mind and check out the PT lifestyle.

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  2. i think canada is a nice place to move to (that has nothing to do with trump winning)
    -My dad said something like the rate of homicide/murder with guns in the US is like 5 times higher than in Canada because it takes a very long time in Canada to get a license to buy firearms whereas in the US you could just get a gun easily from a neighbor/friend, a gun store, or like a internet sale or something lol.
    -Faster socially progressive government. I looked up when Canada legalized same-sex marriage, and they legalized it in July 2005 and in the US it was legalized by the Supreme Court in June 2015 so Canada did it 10 years earlier. (in Ontario, it was in *looks up* June 2003 soooo) Also Trump said that he’s gonna ban all Muslims from entering in the US but Canada welcomed like 10,000 Muslim refugees lol

    but I’m not going to move to Canada lol we don’t have any money so i’ll just stay in the US and just see how things go the next four years.

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    • Yeah, we don’t have shit happen everyday. Unless you live in Toronto.
      Canada is filled with Liberals. In fact, our Conservatives are quite Liberal. You might as well call the conservatives Liberals, and Liberals extremists, because that is what it is.
      I’m actually against the Syrian refugee idea, because we have a 7% unemployment rate, and a large homelessness rate as well. We should help our own people before we try to help others. Also I’m paranoid of terrorism. Look at what happened to France a year ago.

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      • Honestly I don’t hear much about the NDP, but my views are definitely far from theirs. They’re not in complete power, so I do not care.
        Look at Justin Trudeau. He’s so extreme, that he wants to change the national anthem to make it gender neutral. I do not know a female who cares.
        And since our conservatives are very liberal, I needed a name for the liberals.


      • I know, but they’re one of our three major political parties, so that’s why I was bringing them up. Also, aren’t they our equivalent to Bernie Sanders…?
        Our national anthem isn’t gender-neutral? o_O Uh… I just ran through it in my head, and I don’t really see the issue… If anything, I’d rather see the religious references gone– Wait, is this because of the part about sons? WHY DOES THAT MATTER??????????
        I see, I see. Then again, the Republicans right now can make pretty much anything look liberal…

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      • Yeah, I guessed that. But…why is that a big deal? What would you even replace it with that would have the same effect? I mean, the thought is nice, but…why?????


      • Male soldiers in war…?
        But honestly, this kind of stuff relieves me. I don’t feel like someone who worries so much about tiny little things like this is going to be…well…anything like what the US is going through now. IDK, something about it just makes me happier I’m Canadian…

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  3. Can I answer even though I already live here?! 😀

    1. We’re more progressive. You know how everyone in the US was making a huge deal of having a female president? Well, guess what? WE’VE ALREADY HAD A FEMALE PRIME MINISTER! AND THIS WAS IN THE 90S! Sure, she was only the PM for three months or so, but it still means it’s probably not going to be a massive deal if we get another woman as our next PM.
    2. We’re pretty peaceful right now compared to places like the US or Europe. AFAIK, the largest terrorist incident we’ve had recently was what happened in Ottawa a few years ago, and while that was bad, it was nothing like what happened to other countries… :/
    3. Because of the way our government works, the chances of us somehow getting some major loon with no actual governmental experience are pretty much nonexistent! Especially considering you have to be the leader of your party on a federal level to become Prime Minister in the first place!


  4. honestly? i don’t want to move to Canada.
    like the others mentioned, it isn’t really that safe, i don’t know why y’all wanna move to Canada.
    (instead, come to the UAE, we have food..)

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