I Don’t Care Who the President Is

TL;DR: They’re both bad choices, and presidents don’t have that much power.

I’m just ranting the entire time.

People are still salty that Donald Trump won. I think both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump suck. This is literally a battle between a criminal and a sexist insane pig. In fact, I personally believe that all politician is corrupt, and lies. No one knows what it is like to be president until you’re actually president. I don’t think Trump will build that stupid wall. In fact, Trump will BARELY get any laws passed. Why? Because I’m pretty sure all of those other fuckers working for the government will disagree with his ideas, therefore making everything he wants to not pass. Really all Donald Trump can do is declare war.  Hillary would be more likely to start WWIII imho, because Vladimir Putin hates the shit out of her. He seems to approve of Trump, for whatever reason.

Anyways, all politicians lie. They also have to make very quick decisions. Did you know that they have a bunch of advisers to make decisions for them? They literally suggest something, and then the president chooses whatever they think is the best, or they can choose to ignore and do whatever they want. However, advisers literally calculate shit and are precise. When George Bush was president, literally the vice president made more than 50% of his decisions. So it’s really hard to predict what Hillary or Donald would do.

So don’t be so salty that Donald Trump won. America is not fucked. You’ll probably be fine.

P.S. I’m actually a bit glad Hillary lost, because she should be in jail right now but isn’t. Also she fucking beat Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders best waifu.


17 thoughts on “I Don’t Care Who the President Is

  1. Agreed! You summarised it greatly. What you posted would have taken me much longer to write about. But I thought a president DON’T have the power to start a war? I think I looked forward to Trump winning just to see everybody’s expectation fail lol I’m a terrible person. Whenever I try to reason with my friends Hillary winning doesn’t make it any better they get all angry it’s scary.

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  2. i think my english teacher said that putin likes trump bc his ideas support putin’s decision to recede from NATO
    also dont even care about us much bc u live in cold and peaceful canada ok that is like a dream for some of us
    unless canada isnt as peaceful as our idealogy makes of it
    and yeah its true that the president doesnt have much power bc our legislative and judicial branch will dog on him 24/7

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  3. You should see the fucking Tumblr scene – all these ACNL blogs and Shizaya blogs like FUCK OFF TRUMP SUPPORTERS I LOVE LGBT AND WOMYNZSBLAPOWIM R]Q-UE

    Like, fuck off. You’re being so hypocritical, telling Trump supporters to fuck off and kill themselves because they didn’t vote for a criminal. Hillary was not the lesser evil, the two fuckers are just as bad as each other. And fucking tag your shit, I don’t follow you for political bullshit.

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  4. I agree that people seem to think the US President has more power than they actually do. However, I think you’re overlooking a couple of important things:
    1. Most of the important decision-making people in the US are going to be Republican. This means that they might not actually oppose whatever Trump decides to do. It’s not a supermajority, but it’s still a majority.
    2. This is going to be the presidential term where a bunch of Supreme Court judges get nominated. Since that is a lifetime position, it means the US is probably going to be stuck with a bunch of conservative judges for the next several years.
    3. The guy who’s going to be VP is…um…a religious fundamentalist. Yeah. So even if Trump gets impeached, Americans are still going to have that guy.

    What I’m more annoyed about is the amount of people who don’t seem to know the inauguration takes place in January. Not November, January. You don’t just wave around a magic wand and get all these new people overnight, Americans… -_-


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