Everyone’s dead?

It’s quite obvious that I haven’t been posting lately. It’s not because I want to quit, but it’s because I’m too occupied with school. I SHOULD have MUCH MORE free time around the middle of February. (Second semester will be a breeze.)

I’ve also been on BRD more often, because my brother is usually around him and I don’t want him finding out about my WordPress blog.

Anyways, I decided to procrastinate a bit because my head honestly hurts. I checked the posts, and honestly barely anyone is posting? What the hell happened to everyone? Are you all occupied with school, or is everyone quitting now?


22 thoughts on “Everyone’s dead?

  1. i hadnt been on wordpress lately but when i checked back for the past ~2 weeks i was off my laptop i was surprised at how few the posts i missed were
    its prob school/mutual lack of inspiration
    for me its a mix of both
    plus a frustration of life
    falls off cliff not caring whether i should live

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  2. Oh, hey, I saw this post on your actual blog before I checked the WP Reader! That never happens… Huh. o_O
    Yeah, people are posting a lot less than they used to these days. (Well, most FTWPers are. I think I’m actually posting MORE often now than I used to…) I’m guessing a lot of people are in high school now? Not to mention Fantage is kind of sucky. 😆
    Don’t worry, though! I have a VERY special quiz for you to answer, so you’ll have something to post pretty soon. 😈


  3. (before my actual comment on this post, nice avatar :^) )
    i’m not dead, really. but a lot of shit has been happening to me lately, but i don’t want to post about it (which explains the lack of posts from me lmao) and yiiiiikes i hate it when a family member is near me while i do things secretly on the internet >8((
    what Marina said, the majority of here are inactive because of either school or life issues, and everyone on here is like 13-16, and some of them have entered high school (i have one year left till i enter HS too :’))) ). the worst thing in life..


    • ty totty is like my new husbando lmao
      Tbh I see most of your posts than anyone else during the period I was gone. Colllege/University is probably the worst yeaes though, haha


      • ichimatsu is my fave (and i love how totty gets away from trouble pfft)
        college is horrible; it’s when you have to neglect all of your hobbies and focus on your studies ;-; i can confirm this since my sister is a uni student and she’s brilliant at art; but she sadly doesn’t draw at all lately ;;


        my favourites order from best to least: todo, jyushi, kara, choro, ichi and oso. Fuck Osomatsu.


      • osomatsu is just thirsty for sex and lovessss money, i would see why you hate him.
        and jyushi had a gf for one episode..i still cant get over that…


  4. well I guess the fantage blogging community peaked when fantage was also at its peak. fantage was something we all had in common, and now that so many of us quit (bc fantage got boring), we’re all converting to lifestyle-type blogs, in which we don’t have much inspiration for :/
    as well, I think most of us are in high school now – increased amount of hw from previous years for sure.

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