School and Art

I haven’t been posting Mystic Messenger because of school work. Yeah, it’s taking up my life. In fact, I barely have any time to digital draw. I doodle a lot on my notes, but honestly when I tried to draw again, it did not go WELL.

I freaking kept on doodling until I came up with something decent, and this is the first thing I made without erasing it:


this actually makes me want to draw some yaoi tbh


Don’t worry though, after doodling some more, I drew something that will not make me want to shoot myself:


My brother thought I was drawing a girl. Damn, I really do draw feminine guys…


31 thoughts on “School and Art

  1. doesn’t look like girl to me, and oh yay, i’m not the only one who draws on their notes sometimes 😀 (TBH I ACTUALLY DRAW ON MY WORKBOOKS AND HW AND IT HAS GOTTEN ME IN TROUBLE MORE THAN ONCE.)
    but your drawings are so cool fffffffffs


  2. i would’ve thought what ur bro said too
    he looks like a masculine girl
    i think it’s the head shape bc i think masculine heads are a bit wider + taller? idk dont take my advice on anatomy bc its way off in anime anyway
    i like my masculine annie may girls btw
    any girl that isnt exactly super HOTT

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