Kicked Out from the Library

I would post about Mystic Messenger, but those take me awhile to post (uploading all of the images and all), and I’m in the mood of sharing this today. I will post days 5, 6, and 7 tomorrow.

My friends and I would typically hang out in the library during lunch break. We would sit down in the chairs, and just talk to each other while on our phones. Sometimes we will get too loud, and the librarian would tell us to be quiet, but we were never kicked out or anything.

Let me tell you something: a lot of people in my school love pissing off the librarian. They would put the volume of their electronic devices to the maximum to play some shitty music, or they would just scream around. I think they pissed her off to the point where she quit, because she hasn’t appeared at the school recently. So we have a new librarian.

Today my friends and I managed to sit in the listening lounge of the library, where students can sit down on the comfy couches and listen to their own music. The new librarian approached us, so I said hi, and then she said something like “I don’t approve of this…” to herself. Around 10 minutes later, she came to my friends and I, and literally told us that we had to leave because we weren’t studying, and if we didn’t leave then she was going to call the principal. Obviously we left, but I didn’t see a point in us being kicked out. My friends were so pissed that we all got kicked out. I don’t really want to go to the library again, considering that this new librarian is a bitch, but it was basically our crucial hang out spot in the school, besides outside.

What also makes me upset is that our school does not allow you to go to your lockers during lunch (only in the first 5 minutes, then you’re kicked out of the hallways and have to stay in the cafeteria), so it’s not like there’s a lot of things to do… Maybe my friends and I should start chilling in the chapel. :^)


25 thoughts on “Kicked Out from the Library

  1. Oh you should be lucky 🍀 about the old librarian.Our librarian,she yells at us for talking loud. Then some people use the library as a shortcut,and she yells at them.Luckily it’s the spring holidays for two weeks for New Zealand and Australia.

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  2. Seriously? WTF????????????
    If you’re in the part of the library where you can LISTEN TO YOUR OWN MUSIC, then why are you getting kicked out for (presumably) doing just that? It’s not the “Study 24/7 Lounge”…


  3. What if you forgot something in your locker or need it.
    I go to the library every morning because i get there almost 1hr before the start of school and my friends will find me there when they arrive so it’s our morning hang out spot where I do hw and they talk. But they’re really loud people that tend to not be self aware enough to remember they’re in the library no matter how many times i try to shush them everyday. I cringe everytime.
    Though back in primary school, some friends and i got threatened to be kicked out before. But they have a Wii, it’s natural to get loud when trying to kill each other.


    • If you need something from your locker, tough luck. They won’t let you in, and tell you that you should have remembered. They really hate having students in the hallways.
      I also cringe about how my friends tend to be loud and they don’t give a fuck (they literally say it like that), so I can relate, but we were never kicked out until now.

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  4. holy shit, reading this post gave me war flashbacks from elementary school LMAO
    I’ve been kicked out several times in school, I used to stay in the classroom or somewhere else besides the cafeteria during break with classmates and they will kick us out immediately :’)
    sometimes we would even hide whenever the teacher enters the classroom to check if anybody’s in there.
    But wow, that librarian sounds like a bitch, hopefully she doesn’t cause any more trouble for you.

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  5. wow rip
    our librarian doesn’t even allow phones in there at all, unless using like calculator or something. we’re allowed to go on our laptops, but if she catches us fooling around on it, then we’re kicked out. tbh it’s really hard to get kicked out because we just put our games/music on another tab and she just looks at the screen we’re on lol.
    our school doesn’t even have lockers so we have to carry everything around

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    • darn… actually carrying everything around sounds better than having lockers, because we’re not allowed to do that here. :u (My brother in high school just carried his backpack. I wish I could do that…)


      • yeah
        the first couple weeks your backpack is heavy since you have to carry your textbooks and laptop around but after that you just get used to it so it’s not that bad

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  6. Staying in the cafe seems so weird to me. My school let’s us eat in the hallway yours probably dosent do that so the janitors don’t have to clean as much in the hallway or if u have 2 lunch periods that are different than it won’t disturb other classes .

    it’s getting cold so staying outside is a pain . The only other option is the cafe which sucks I hate my school’s cafe to many humans plus it’s way to loud and u can’t have private convos.

    I say just avoid the mean librarian becuz if she’s new then she might not remember ur face. Or just go to the library when a nicer librarian comes. Or just hide in between book shelves.

    Orange juice spilled in my bag and library book got ruined I also had to renew so I waited an extra day to get the nice librarian becuz I knew she wouldn’t say anything and she didn’t so I’m safe for now but it’s my isu so I might have to pay for the book if I get the mean lady.

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    • YES!! That’s why I hate the cafeteria. I also feel like I’m partially being watched. My school doesn’t allow it because they think it disturbs classes :U
      Also, the principals want us to clean after ourselves, so I guess they do want to have it so the janitors don’t work as hard…?


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