I’m extremely busy today, and I have to do a lot of homework. Tomorrow I’m going on a field trip, so I already have a lot to catch up on for all of my classes. This semester is hard compared to next semester. I’m also really sick right now.

I’ll try to post days 5 and 6 of Mystic Messenger tomorrow, but I might have to post days 5, 6, and 7 on Friday after school because of my busy schedule. It usually takes me an hour to make each Mystic Messenger post.

Sorry about the delay. I’ll see you all when I make an actual Mystic Messenger post!


18 thoughts on “Notice

      • how many breaks do you have besides summer break and how long are they?
        we have autumn, winter, and spring breaks, all of which are a few days over two weeks long, and we have a two month summer


      • wait
        one day?
        is it a holiday or something?
        also that break schedule is weird
        do you start school on a different day every year?
        cuz ours is
        2 weeks
        2 weeks
        2 weeks
        2 months
        it looks like yours is missing a week (and one day)


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