200+ Followers!

Yesterday I had less than 200, and now I have 202. Huh.

Anyways, thank you all for following me, even though most of you guys don’t even read my posts. But hey, it’s clicking that button that counts! Even though you only follow me in hopes of me noticing your blog (which some of them I do click on if they spark my interest enough).

So what am I going to do? Absolutely nothing except acknowledge this fact. Sure I could give out art, but I have no time, and I care more about how active you guys are, than the high amount of likes on a post of my follower amount. So having a lot of “followers” isn’t enough for me to start something huge.

BUT I’ll be nice and list people who have actually commented the most on my posts, and their blogs because I care about the people who care about me :^)

  • Marina – You followed me pretty later compared to most people, but you still managed to be the top commenter! WOOT.
  • Luka Puka – shit i still need to finish that icon. i have no motivation to draw. also you’re a stalker.
  • Chasano – I would link your blog if you had one. Also nice current display picture.
  • Susan – I’M SORRY SUGAR MOMMY also mystic messenger doesn’t work. still. pls make more gaming with susan posts those were one of the few things i was looking forward to
  • Sindyblue – I need to messsage you on steam more often, but you’re only in the mornings when I’m busy.
  • Boltie – To be honest I don’t recall you commenting a lot, but hey, you made it on this list so congratulations!

Also, have a little bonus story where I feel like utter shit:

I have a friend who had been talking to a 28 year old man online for a month. They had a thing. She’s fucking my age, 15. They stopped talking around two days ago, but apparently the dude did cocaine, drinks, smokes, had sex with multiple girls, even had his own child that he’s not allowed to see, and even asked her for nudes one time when he was drunk.

Now, she’s talking to another guy that’s 27. Fuck, I feel like this is partially my fault. Recently I have been getting her to stop this bullshit, but she won’t listen.

Before she met the 28 year old, she told me how she liked older men. Like, late twenties or early thirties. She’s afraid of being judged, though. Me, being a “considerate” friend decided to tell her that I would support her relationship, regardless of the age difference. Thus… later that day she began talking to older men online.

As long as she doesn’t send nudes or see them in real life, I suppose she’s fine, but one day she might go missing and I will have a general idea of what happened.


41 thoughts on “200+ Followers!

  1. Congratulations on 200 followers! 🙂
    Also, your friend should be more careful when talking to people online. I don’t think it’s you that is partially at fault, since she should already know the risks and such of dating someone very older than her at this age. Hopefully nothing happens to her though.

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  2. Yaaaaaaaay, congrats!
    And I’m the top commenter? I didn’t realize that. 😮 And you know I only followed you so late because I didn’t think you posted that much on this blog… Or something, I forget what it was, but I remember not knowing how active you were here until I followed you. 😆
    Also, your friend needs to be more careful. And maybe get better taste in guys.

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  3. Congrats mate. I agree that active followers are more important than follower count though. I mean I came here to have fun not to be ‘popular’.
    I also need to chat with you more, but no worries, holidays are in…4 days.

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  4. oh, hey no problem on commenting on your posts 😀 (AND GLAD SOMEONES NOTICED MY DISPLAY PICTURE PFFFFFFT i relate to Kara on a spiritual level)
    congrats on the follows, btw!!!
    and hopefully your friend is much more careful, maybe you should remind her to be much more careful and check how she’s doing sometimes, just in case nothing happens..?

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      • how is your friend not concerned about her boyfriend in the slightest? well, i wish her and you the best of luck and not getting in any trouble :/
        and no problem!!


  5. Congratulations.
    But mainly, if she goes missing, you’ll have nightmares for the rest of your life. Her pathetic soul shall haunt you, day and night, reminding you of your ignorance. And then, one fine day, you’ll die.


  6. sheesh, that sounds risky
    tbh i have never heard of the girl who wanted to date an older man, only a pedo guy who’s about 25-30 who wanted to abuse a high-school-age girl
    i wouldn’t really support it only because modern values and morality tells me so (i mean 14-year-old girls dated 40-year-old men like it was nothing in the middle ages) but it’s really her life in the most sincere way
    oh yeah that bayo icon i almost forgot it was still pending LOL it took me 2 minutes to figure out what this “icon” was
    heck right im a stalker 😀 your mom’s name is lisa and your dad is with a slut named angie!! your favorite color is actually sap green, the same color as your poop, and jared has a rape agenda planned in the back of his mind


  7. Congrats on the 200 followers~! I’m a new follower hehe, and agree that being active is more important than the follow count~

    You can’t blame yourself over her own decisions, you can’t control her, just like she can’t control you. I hope she’s mature enough not to commit grave errors, but if she does, it’s hardly your fault /sends hugs

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