The People I Need

Jared’s grounded. From his phone and the internet. I can’t communicate to him for who knows how long. Today we were going to do something too, but things happened. He didn’t do anything bad in particular, but his parents got upset over something he couldn’t have controlled.

It sucked because today prior to him being grounded was awful. I had work, and some of my co workers and the customers were absolute assholes, but I understood why. It can’t be helped. I was just in a shitty mood, so when I came home I wanted to talk to Jared, only to find out that he’s grounded three hours later.

So I decided to talk to one of my friends who’s always online and asked her to video call me. Since she had nothing else to do, she said yes and thus we skyped. It was actually really fun. I showed her Amnesia Memories and poked fun at the characters and the novel itself. She seemed to enjoy my air hockey “skills”. :^) I also played Facade. My friend thought what I said to Trip was amusing.

You know, I actually had a lot more fun than I thought I would have. I don’t think I would have had this much fun with my other friends though, despite the fact that I am not as close to this friend in particular in comparison to others. Perhaps it is because she laughs at everything, so when I’m around her I feel like I have the ability to entertain people. Maybe it was because she was willing to watch me play something that she didn’t care for. Or it could be that she’s a good friend.

I’m fortunate to have video called her for an hour today. I actually came to appreciate her more now. Despite how clueless she can be sometimes, I think she’s an excellent individual. I hope she has a good rest of her day.


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