I’m Not Pregnant.

I haven’t had my period for 2 months, which concerns me because this is my fourth year of having my period (what kind of celebration is this lmao) and I have never had 60 days in between my periods besides the first year I had my period.

I somehow developed this weird idea of some man came in our house at night, raped me while I was sleeping, and just left. Boy, I was so scared of being pregnant. Not only will my parents kill me and think I’m being a slut, but Jared would cry. :((

But don’t worry. I HAD to get it today. And I HAD to work 6 hours and 45 minutes straight without a break, WITH my period.

God fucking damnit, life hates me.

I’m considering contacting the labour board because I think having no breaks is absolute bullshit.


19 thoughts on “I’m Not Pregnant.

  1. Not having your period for some months is actually normal at times, especially when you’re a teenager. The only time it’s actually worrying when you don’t have it for three months and more. Usually then it’s because something wrong with your body, like a bad diet or such. There are also people who get their period sometimes very early since their last one, a.k.a me. ._.
    But that sucks working a lot with your period. Hopefully no cramps though.

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  2. Personally, I’ve been through a stage like this and I went without my period for 6 months. No sexual activity at ALL. I think my doctor believed it was because I had a poor diet, I was really stressed out all the time, and other shit like that. Sooo, yeah. \(?-?)/


      • Yeah, I know how it feels, especially if you’re working. >~< If you bring a bag/purse to work, maybe stuff a few pads/tampons (even if you're not on your period) in there in case it happens. I used to do that and it helped alot. :/


      • I don’t have a locker, nor am I allowed to bring in a bag and stuff it in the hostess station anymore.
        And I can’t use the washrooms either. :I
        Yes, I will contact the labour board soon, but the rules of the freaking establishment has been tough over the last few days.

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  3. irregular periods are common but like moonshine said, if you don’t have it more than 3 months then you should go to the doctor lol
    irregulars are caused by like excessive weight gain/loss, eating disorders, and stress/emotional problems
    also damn that sucks ugh it’s so annoying because like periods just come out of nowhere, especially on mondays it’s the most annoying

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  4. it’s probably just hormones
    they screw things up

    i took melatonin to fall asleep for like 2 and a half months and didn’t get my period at all
    i’m assuming it was because melatonin’s a hormone so it somehow screwed up something else
    not that i was complaining or anything LOL
    (it stopped working after a while anyways so i stopped taking it)

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  5. hi guys im male and i in no way relate to this at all
    but ive heard things about periods
    what are they like
    i heard some are so bad that girls cant walk and go to school bc its so painful
    like some would rather vomit the fricking egg up than bleed through their pants

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