Deleting Facebook Posts is Painful.

Because it’s such a slow process. There’s not like a “delete everything” option.

And I get upset seeing how cringeworthy I was in the past. My goal this year is to use social media that I can use to contact people I know in real life, because I think the biggest problem with me being distant with people I know in real life is how I don’t keep on contact with them outside of where I met them. And of course, life goes on.

Also, my art sucked in 2014. Jesus Christ.

I have school tomorrow. Sigh.


9 thoughts on “Deleting Facebook Posts is Painful.

  1. this is why i decided when i was 12 i wouldn’t get an social media like fb or IG.
    because i knew afterwards i would cringe at my posts (also around from the beginning of the year-to mid July 2016 i was so disgusting i’m crying rn.)

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