Kicked Out from the Library

I would post about Mystic Messenger, but those take me awhile to post (uploading all of the images and all), and I’m in the mood of sharing this today. I will post days 5, 6, and 7 tomorrow.

My friends and I would typically hang out in the library during lunch break. We would sit down in the chairs, and just talk to each other while on our phones. Sometimes we will get too loud, and the librarian would tell us to be quiet, but we were never kicked out or anything.

Let me tell you something: a lot of people in my school love pissing off the librarian. They would put the volume of their electronic devices to the maximum to play some shitty music, or they would just scream around. I think they pissed her off to the point where she quit, because she hasn’t appeared at the school recently. So we have a new librarian.

Today my friends and I managed to sit in the listening lounge of the library, where students can sit down on the comfy couches and listen to their own music. The new librarian approached us, so I said hi, and then she said something like “I don’t approve of this…” to herself. Around 10 minutes later, she came to my friends and I, and literally told us that we had to leave because we weren’t studying, and if we didn’t leave then she was going to call the principal. Obviously we left, but I didn’t see a point in us being kicked out. My friends were so pissed that we all got kicked out. I don’t really want to go to the library again, considering that this new librarian is a bitch, but it was basically our crucial hang out spot in the school, besides outside.

What also makes me upset is that our school does not allow you to go to your lockers during lunch (only in the first 5 minutes, then you’re kicked out of the hallways and have to stay in the cafeteria), so it’s not like there’s a lot of things to do… Maybe my friends and I should start chilling in the chapel. :^)


I’m extremely busy today, and I have to do a lot of homework. Tomorrow I’m going on a field trip, so I already have a lot to catch up on for all of my classes. This semester is hard compared to next semester. I’m also really sick right now.

I’ll try to post days 5 and 6 of Mystic Messenger tomorrow, but I might have to post days 5, 6, and 7 on Friday after school because of my busy schedule. It usually takes me an hour to make each Mystic Messenger post.

Sorry about the delay. I’ll see you all when I make an actual Mystic Messenger post!

Mystic Messenger – Casual Story Day 4

LONG POST INCOMING. I took a shit ton of screenshots on this day! Today is the last day of the common route. Afterwards, I will begin someone’s route. ;D You’ll just have to see who I successfully entered! I would also like to mention that my profile picture never appears… Every time I try to change it, it just… gets deleted seconds later? So when you see my messages, there will be no icon. *Shrugs in disappointment*

Be thankful, because today I’m extremely busy with homework and clubs, and I decided to squeeze in this instead of watching pointless youtube videos. These posts also take too much time to make.

This will become a link for Susan’s blog when she posts about the 4th day!


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Mystic Messenger – Casual Story Day 2 + 3

I didn’t upload yesterday because of personal problems. To make up for it, I’m going to make two posts today! Yay!

EDIT: Turns out, I unintentionally uploaded all of the stuff from the 3rd day along with this post… I didn’t think it was the third day… until I looked back. Whoops. 🙂

Don’t forget that I’m doing a collab with Susan! Click here to see what she did on the second day!


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Mystic Messenger – Casual Story Prologue + Day 1

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new series that will last the next 11 days (maybe less if I get a bad end) of my life: Mystic Messenger! After FINALLY getting a new phone, I am willing to present this… entertaining game and start a collab with my buddy, Susan! ❤ FOLLOW HER BLOG HERE. WILL ADD A LINK HERE WHEN SHE MAKES A POST.

I forgot to post this earlier, and I feel like Susan might tomorrow, but that’s okay! She’s going to do the deep story of Mystic Messenger and hopefully go through Jumin’s route (the black haired guy obsessed with his cat), whilst I’m going for some blonde haired kid obsessed with video games named Yoosung. Unlike other visual novels, I would say this more worth it to play considering that it’s not as stupid as other otome games I’ve played! Let’s get right into the prologue and the first day!

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200+ Followers!

Yesterday I had less than 200, and now I have 202. Huh.

Anyways, thank you all for following me, even though most of you guys don’t even read my posts. But hey, it’s clicking that button that counts! Even though you only follow me in hopes of me noticing your blog (which some of them I do click on if they spark my interest enough).

So what am I going to do? Absolutely nothing except acknowledge this fact. Sure I could give out art, but I have no time, and I care more about how active you guys are, than the high amount of likes on a post of my follower amount. So having a lot of “followers” isn’t enough for me to start something huge.

BUT I’ll be nice and list people who have actually commented the most on my posts, and their blogs because I care about the people who care about me :^)

  • Marina – You followed me pretty later compared to most people, but you still managed to be the top commenter! WOOT.
  • Luka Puka – shit i still need to finish that icon. i have no motivation to draw. also you’re a stalker.
  • Chasano – I would link your blog if you had one. Also nice current display picture.
  • Susan – I’M SORRY SUGAR MOMMY also mystic messenger doesn’t work. still. pls make more gaming with susan posts those were one of the few things i was looking forward to
  • Sindyblue – I need to messsage you on steam more often, but you’re only in the mornings when I’m busy.
  • Boltie – To be honest I don’t recall you commenting a lot, but hey, you made it on this list so congratulations!

Also, have a little bonus story where I feel like utter shit:

I have a friend who had been talking to a 28 year old man online for a month. They had a thing. She’s fucking my age, 15. They stopped talking around two days ago, but apparently the dude did cocaine, drinks, smokes, had sex with multiple girls, even had his own child that he’s not allowed to see, and even asked her for nudes one time when he was drunk.

Now, she’s talking to another guy that’s 27. Fuck, I feel like this is partially my fault. Recently I have been getting her to stop this bullshit, but she won’t listen.

Before she met the 28 year old, she told me how she liked older men. Like, late twenties or early thirties. She’s afraid of being judged, though. Me, being a “considerate” friend decided to tell her that I would support her relationship, regardless of the age difference. Thus… later that day she began talking to older men online.

As long as she doesn’t send nudes or see them in real life, I suppose she’s fine, but one day she might go missing and I will have a general idea of what happened.