Dollar Store Adventure

In Canada, we have something called Dollarama. It’s really popular in Canada, and the store USED to sell products for only a dollar, but then it increased to 1.25. Then 1.50. Then 2. Next 2.50. Then 3. TODAY, I NOTICED IT INCREASED TO 4. YOOOO WTF 4 DOLLARS OR LESS WHAT KIND OF DOLLAR STORE IS THISSSS

So while in the mall today, I saw this stack of price tag stickers laying around in the art section. I specifically found the 2.50 one. And I was bored. I quickly took the stickers, and placed them on products that costed 4 dollars. (I placed these 2.50 stickers on top of the 4, so that it appears to be 2.50). Surprisingly, I wasn’t caught, but I was satisfied. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough stickers for all 4 dollar items, but hey, it was a fun experience. :^)

If you live in Canada, and you see an item that’s 2.50 at a Dollarama, but it turned out to be 4 dollars, perhaps I was there. ;D



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