Piercings and Tattoos

There are normally two types of opinions on this issue. One side accepts piercings and tattoos and wishes to have them, while the other side despises them. They tend to only accept one piercing on each ear for females, or a nose piercing for some sort of religious reason. The former is usually more common nowadays, while the latter is restricted to an older audience, as piercings and tattoos are slowly becoming more acceptable in the workplace.

I will not lie, I am part of the latter. However, I have began to accept people for what they want on their body, and to not scream out my opinions on people anymore. Unfortunately ever since I began to not voice my unwanted opinions on others, people have began to criticise me for not wanting/having tattoos or piercings. If you know me well, you would know that I do not want them at all, and I don’t even have my ears pierced. A lot of people have asked me why I do not want them in the future. The answer is simple: I do not want them because I do not like how they look.

Same goes with why people want piercings and tattoos. Because they like how it looks, so they get one. It is as simple as that. As society begins to progress and accept, why is this a concept that is so difficult for others to grasp?

What I am trying to preach is that if you know someone who doesn’t want or have tattoos or piercings, don’t ask why. They don’t want them because they don’t think it looks good. If you know someone who wants piercings or tattoos, don’t ask why. They want them because they think it looks good or it holds some sort of meaning. Everyone is different, so they will all have different opinions.

But seriously. Stop telling me to get piercings and tattoos. It’s honestly annoying.


31 thoughts on “Piercings and Tattoos

  1. tbh i don’t really mind if people get piercings or tattoos but my parents hate them for some reason
    like it’s their own body, they can do whatever they want with it
    my mom’s friend’s daughter has a nose piercing, snake bites, and a belly piercing but no one really cares lol. her parents are fine with it but my parents hate her like smh


    • well asian parents hate them, so of course they’d react that way 😛
      my asian parents are the same way
      i just stopped being judgemental of others because i learned that people did those things because it made them happy and you can’t change people


  2. Honestly, I don’t really mind tattoos or piercings, but hey, this is true.
    If I’m brave enough I may get a piercing… Somewhere
    But f***ing hell I will not get a nipple piercing or a stomach piercing LOL

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  3. to each their own, i guess. nobody should force others into doing something with their body they don’t want to do, and this maxim applies beyond body modifications. i personally would love to get medium sized gauges (yeah, the ear holes. i think they look nice when they’re a reasonable size) very soon, even though i know school and my boyfriend would freak out, both of them being incredibly conservative. maybe some nice meaningful tattoos too, who knows? if by some miracle i am allowed to get this stuff done, i’m not going to judge people who don’t have them, and i expect the same from them.

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  4. Yeah there are so much prejudices against piercings and tattoos but I personally like them lol
    I wanted to get a small tattoo like literally just a straight small line on my wrist or shoulder and then my dad just comes and starts preaching about how bad they are and that people will draw fractions on my shoulder or something lol


  5. ~ lol ~
    have you considered getting earrings or whatever?
    earrings look nice imo like theyre just another thingy you can have


  6. I enjoy piercings and tattoos so much so I thought about doing it as a profession but then realised I’m not all too talented for that. But often i don’t really care if people don’t like tattoos and piercings more so I care (and I try not to) about what people think of my piercings and tattoos. I don’t want to seem unprofessional or lazy as I see myself completely opposed but I can’t help what they think.. anyway just my thoughts on the matter

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  7. I’m covered in piercings and I don’t expect people to do the same. People look down on you and they expect you to be less intelligent than them but I try to prove them wrong in the work place.


    • You show them. Some people with piercings are intelligent, while others with none can be less intelligent. My brother had a teacher covered with piercings, but he had a bunch of master degrees in various subjects.

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