You Shouldn’t Support Yandere Simulator and Here’s Why

Making this post because I’ve seen a few kids liking this game, and shit.

I used to like yandere simulator (I SUBSCRIBED HIS CHANNEL BEFORE HE HAD 10K SUBS, MIND YOU *PUTS ON EDGY HIPSTER GLASSES*), until the creator plainly expressed how he doesn’t want to add the option to change the protagonist’s gender. Sorry, but I’m hella straight, so I don’t want to look at a girl’s ass. I need to look at a guy’s ass. Y’all feel?

Ever since then I had lame excuses to despise the developer, such as how he has a nasty, monotone voice, he has a cancerous fanbase, he has a boob mousepad, IS UNABLE TO PRONOUNCE YANDERE RIGHT, ALWAYS COMPLAINS ABOUT STUPID EMAILS WHEN HE COULD JUST IGNORE ALL OF THE IRRELEVANT ONES INSTEAD OF MAKING THOUSANDS OF VIDEOS ABOUT THEM, etc, but I actually found some valid reasons to hate him, which I will share with all of you guys.

I’m honestly shocked that barely anyone, even those stupid ass drama channels on youtube hasn’t addressed these issues.

The best explanation I’ve seen about his horrible behaviour and past can be found here. The post has a lot of links and screenshots attached for evidence. I will briefly discuss the details below for those who just want to know in a nutshell why the game shouldn’t be supported.

Also, I’m not a SJW, so I’m going to give you reasons more than “IT CONTAINS A LOT OF TRIGGERING MATERIAL!!!!” Which, let’s be honest, it does. But it’s fucking yandere simulator. The game is about some psychotic bitch who would do /ANYTHING/ for “senpai”. What else do you expect?

Reasons to not support him and the game (links provided):

And much more. Just read the best explanation link, and you’ll understand why.

Also, he’s desperate as fuck for a girlfriend in the past. Fortunately for him, he’ll probably be able to get some naive 12 year old ass, because of his fucking fanbase.


25 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t Support Yandere Simulator and Here’s Why

  1. I’m just bitter about how he ruined the way the yandere trope is seen. It’s not fucking funny to pretend you’re going to kill the girl that cute boy happens to like. It’s just cringey, and you should feel bad.

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  2. i’m in exactly the same boat as you – i thought the game had a really interesting and funny concept that could go really far if developed in the right way and one of my favourite streamers streamed the alpha build of yansim a lot and it looked kinda fun too (i was also in my really edgy yandere phase when this all happened too, eheh), but this year, after the initial hype died down, i found out all this dirt on yandev on a forum i lurk on and was immediately disgusted. have you seen the guy’s face and old posts on gaia? jeez, he’s the definition of creep. also apparently the game is due for release in 2019 lmao

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  3. Good to see you are off his fan base because I don’t want people who don’t appreciate all the work it takes to create a game and complains about real problems he is having to have anything to do with his game


    • Can you please write this so it makes more sense? I don’t know what you mean exactly by the last part. Thanks.
      I do appreciate the work that it takes to make a game. My boyfriend is currently working very hard on learning C++ so that he can create a game of his dreams. But, remember that just because people are game developers and they work hard, does not mean they are good people.


      • And just because you don’t like the person who is making the game that doesn’t mean you should hate on his game even if he isn’t the best person


      • That is true, but I am addressing this problem because I don’t want people to fund the game. If they fund the game, it’d go towards the developer, which really isn’t even close to what I consider a good person.
        Yandere Simulator is just becoming Hitman with anime tropes and memes, so I don’t even see why it’s so special anymore.


    • To be honest with you, yes.
      He, even now, is still acting like an asshat. What 28 year old developer cannot take criticism? He acts like he doesn’t know why his game got banned on twitch.


  4. The game changes from time to time,the easter eggs are just there to entertain people until new things are implemented,changes are bound to occur,You can play as Yandere-Kun now and his design isnt final as most character models tend to change(Oka,Osana,etc.). As for the 14 year old girl thing, Mankind has litterally existed for thousands of years,countries have ages of consent,If she has had her blood she is good to go,all ages of consent are just to keep those under 18 from being early mothers.As for Read his fanfics, Go to Devianart or rule 31 type litterally anything and read.People are wierd its always been that way.For the voulenteer, its a voulenteer not an employee (samurai buyer). By saying dont support the game your basically saying screw the your 3 years of work,get off your ass and get a new job.To finish off all fandoms go to Shit, parents can control what their kids play, and scandals will always happen and no one in the end will care.


  5. 0_0 I was just trying to find some nice-ass Yandere Simulator stuff on here and I come across this–. Anyway, I get that everyone has opinions, but as you have yours I have mine. This post is old but I still feel the need to comment on this. So, I actually don’t want to be able to change Yandere-chan’s gender as it makes the whole plot line complicated. It’s really early to judge a game-in-progress at this point in time as well. (Btw, mind you, you shouldn’t judge a game based off of it’s creator or their past in any way.) He’s also already added an option to genderbend Yandere-chan now so.


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