I Finally Got Overalls!

Today I went to the mall with my friends. Of course, they’re all disorganised little shits so we didn’t know what time we were going to the mall. Literally when I was in the middle of eating lunch, they told me they were going to pick me up.

I wish my friends were better at telling me what time exactly, because I hate being ready in advance and having to wait.

Anyways, we went to the mall, and window shopped for the most part. I swear, most clothes are expensive nowadays, with most shirts costing $30 dollars. It’s terrible, I tell you! Fortunately, I found overalls in BlueNotes that was 50% off, and I got it for 20 dollars! (Tax included). You see, I wanted them for a long time (even before they became “cool”), but they’d always cost $40. So this is a pretty good price for me, in my personal opinion. While I was trying it on though, my friends DECIDED TO WAIT IN THE FRONT ENTRANCE BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T WANT ANYTHING, AND I WAS WONDERING WHERE THE FUCK THEY WERE AND THOUGHT THEY ABANDONED ME.


Anyways, we spent a lot of time in Bath & Body Works, and one of my friends bought 3 hand sanitizes for $5. I put on a lot of lotion on my skin. :^)

Other than window shopping, my friends literally wasted most of their money on drinks and food. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN’T DO THIS??? LIKE MY PARENTS CAN JUST BUY ME FOOD INSTEAD SMH.


13 thoughts on “I Finally Got Overalls!

  1. I spend more money on food than clothes tbh idk why
    Also overalls are so cute but it kinda bothers me when people wear crop tops with it
    I have a 15$ bath and body works gift card but I don’t shop there at all rip (I don’t really use lotion or perfume)
    You should try online shopping, lots of things are cheaper


    • not allowed to online shop at all
      parents feel like the clothing material could be poorly made, and they literally trust no one with credit/debit card information
      Even if you don’t use perfume, you can always buy soap. They have good soap. :^)


      • Dang, I understand their paranoia about credit/debt cards though
        Not really interested in soap either… like I doubt I’d use it

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