Why Do Endings Usually Suck?

No seriously, they do.

I found more chapters of a webtoon that I was really into, and a summary of what happens in the end, and I’m extremely disappointed.

I’m not going to spoil it, but it’s actually really disappointing when a series with a great beginning has an ending that’s unsatisfying.

It’s a shame that I thought it was excellent before, but now I just think it’s mediocre. Going to presume obsessing over this little boy in The Moon That Rises in the Day :^^^^^)

Anyone else have a similar experience of being disappointed? Because I sure as hell do have more.


25 thoughts on “Why Do Endings Usually Suck?

  1. oh yeah i’ve experienced this way too many times
    i hate those books/fics that like leave you on a cliffhanger or a really bad moment and there’s no sequel ?? i read a fanfic once about phil (a main character) was in a coma and dan (another main character) was so depressed without him and commited suicide right when phil woke up from the coma. like can you not tear people’s hearts apart
    also i read another book maybe a year or two ago and it was about this boy who loved climbing mountains. he also suffered from cancer and he knew that he was going to die soon, so he and his dog ran away from home to climb the highest mountain. the plot was really good, and it was really simple, and it had a lot of action, but the ending just flopped. i don’t really remember it well though (that’s probably why i don’t remember it lol it was that bad)

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      • I actually think you should read the ending yourself because my idea of a good end is really different LOL
        Hm… I liked The Moon That Rises in the Day, BUT IT’S INCREDIBLY SLOW LIKE MOST WEBTOONS *rages*
        and I didn’t like it, as much than how I liked bastard.

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      • it’s really a bummer that joins father was never a psychopath and he actually liked his son :'(.
        the ending seems pretty cheesy though, so it’s sort of meh imo.
        the beginning was good, but the ending was okay, i guess.

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      • Here are a few questions I have:
        Why did Jin stop enjoying helping his dad murder?
        Why did his dad start murdering?
        If he really loved his son, why did he threaten to kill his son if he doesn’t help his dad?
        If he really loved his son, why didn’t he do much when his son ran away?
        I really just wished the ending was more intense and action packed, and have Jin ACTUALLY KILL HIS FATHER AND NOT FORGIVE HIM. I kinda wanted Kyou or whatever you spell her name to die, because she was really annoying and made a lot of bad choices around chapter 70.
        I also like fucked up endings, so I think it would have been awesome if Jin just ended up like his father.

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      • i didn’t read all of the chapter, i read the last chapter summary and i hated it in the end
        “reading a letter while in the hospital” cLICHE.
        i would have liked a plot twist in the ending, though :'(.

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  2. I am disappointed on a regular basis. Looking at you, Torikago Syndrome. You’re definitely not the only one.

    On a side note, by “going to presume obsessing over this little boy in The Moon That Rises in the Day :^^^^^)” you probably meant “resume”, not “presume”. To “presume” means to “suppose that something is the case on the basis of probability.”

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  3. I get so extremely happy when I come across a satisfying ending. I’m always so worried. Authors like to leave ‘vague’ endings and it pissed me off. It’s always reasoned that it ‘leaves the rest to your imagination’ so it’s great and it’s how good endings are supposed to be. But seriously, I need closure here.

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  4. homestuck’s ending actually killed me a bit inside. none of the plot ends were tied together at all (which is a shame cos there were SO MANY due to the really messed up plot), so much stuff was just ignored and the ending was basically just “and they all lived happily ever after”. it was such a letdown, honestly. and the worst thing is the fandom had been waiting about 3/4 years for it. smh.


  5. I think it’s just the realization that there won’t be anymore future chapters and that’s disappointing itself so it basically makes you think that of this story (or whatever) is going to end the ending better be good and that just sets your standard very high

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    • Hmm… I’m more complaining about a unsatisfying end. I actually hate long stories but love short ones, so I definitely don’t complain about it’s over, but rather the ending wasn’t satisfyinh.


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