Let’s Talk About Those Quiz Results.

For those who do not know, I made a quiz yesterday about how much people know me.

Thankfully, I can see exactly what everyone got wrong, so I can judge y’all. :^) jUDGING YOU ALL FOR NOT GETTING 0%

I’m going to go into detail about each question, and talk about WHAT ANSWERS SURPRISED THE HECK OUT OF ME.

For the easier quiz… Here are some of the questions people got wrong:

For question 10, 10 people got it wrong in total. 

Question: What is my hamster’s name?

Answer: Sam. 

Before anyone calls this cheap, I have actually made a post that mentions my hamster, and announcing my hamster’s death awhile back, so if you were to cheat and search on my blog, this would be an easy question, lol. At least you guys are honest people :^) (Besides Penis Salad, who plays multiple times to get perfect. Shame on you).

For question 7, 9 people got it wrong in total.

Question: Which one ISN’T one of my favourite foods? 

Answer: Pizza.

7 out of 9 said squid.

guys pls i love squid with all of my heart

For question 9, 9 people got it wrong in total.

Question: What is my favourite sport?

Answer: Badminton

5 out of 9 said tennis.

eh, close ’nuff. I hate basketball and volleyball, though.

For question 8, 6 people got it wrong.

Question: When I’m terrified, I…

Answer: Read yaoi.

In the post where I published it first, I mentioned that one of the questions were outdated. This is the one that is outdated.

Instead of reading yaoi, I’d probably read bad yandere fanfics for a good laugh, or read whatever is in my “I CAN MASTURBATE TO THIS” folder. Note: There’s actually no porn in that folder.

For question 5, 5 people got it wrong.

Question: If I had a hundred dollars, I’d…

Answer: Invest/Save it.

4 out of 5 said I’d buy a video game.

pls. If everyone knew me when I played Fantage (WHICH WAS FAIRELY RECENT, MIND YOU), and read my posts, you’d know I would talk about investing… fairly often.

Here’s the one that shocked me:

For question 3, 5 people got it wrong.

Question: What is my favourite colour?

Answer: Sky Blue.

All 5 people said lime green.

guys pls

just stare at my blog

it’s all blue

it was only green for awhile because i was too lazy to change my blog theme and it was for st patricks day

where the fuck did green come from otherwise

Three people got questions 4 and 6 wrong (what piercings do I have and I hate…), and 2 people got my favourite character in Hetalia wrong and what school I attended.

The only comment I have is how did people get the Hetalia question wrong? LOOK AT MY BLOG. LOOK AT MY HEADER. IT’S RIGHT THERE. RIIIGGHHHTTT THERE.

For the Extreme Quiz, I wanted you all to get zero. Here are all of the questions I’ll discuss:

I am not counting anyone this time, because I am not going to shame people this time for getting it right. I’m shaming y’all who stalked me smh. Will just get into detail.

Question 1: Who do I main as in Super Smash Brothers 4?

Answer: Dark Pit.

This one is kinda a trick question, because I play all 4 of these characters the most. So if you actually stalk me, you’d probably cry because I play them all too often. However, I mostly play as Dark Pit. Lucina is pretty cool, but her recovery is bad, and I can’t attack from a far distance.

Q2: Who is my favourite character in the Mario series?

Answer: Yoshi.

In Mario Kart, I always have to play as yoshi. My club penguin username had Yoshi in it, lol. And I have a yoshi backpack, and a stuffed animal! :>

Q3: Which statement is false?


  1. I like Super Paper Mario
  2. I like stuffed animals.
  3. I want a new purse.
  4. I want Pokemon Sun/Moon.

Answer: I want Pokemon Sun/Moon.

Although I do love Pokemon, I have not liked it as much as I did for gen 4. Gen 4 is best gen, and I honestly hate pokemon in 3D because battles take too long, the controls aren’t as fluid when I’m walking (mainly in the Hoenn remakes), and I love me some cute pixels. :>

Q4: Which one of these folder names are not in my bookmarks bar in Google Chrome?

Folder names:

  2. Yandere/Yangire Males
  3. Japanese Stuff
  4. Etc.

Answer: Yandere/Yangire Males.

This is the trickiest question, because if you know me well, I am most likely going to have that folder. TOO BAD FOR YOU! PLOT TWIST FOR THOSE WHO ARE READING EVERYTHING: MY YANDERE/YANGIRE MALE COLLECTION IS IN THE “I CAN MASTURBATE TO THIS” FOLDER. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Q5: What is my favourite song in Kagerou Project?

Answer: Kagerou Days/Heat Haze Days

I actually listed this in order from my favourites to least, except that I don’t really like Jinzou Enemy.

Q6: What is my favourite Pokemon Generation?

Answer: Gen 4.

4th gen best gen.

Q7: What grade did I start liking Yandere/Yangire males?

Answer: Grade 7.

If Jared were to get an answer right, it would be this one.

But he didn’t.

jared pls my yandere obsession literally began at this age when i decided that seth should have a split personality disorder: one tsundere, one yandere

but then i stopped that idea because too many people were making ocs with split personalities disorders and then i became disinterested

but i kinda wanted seth to be both still so he turned into a tsun turn yan


Q8: What character did I have a 2D crush on, but now h**e?

Answer: Neil (Harvest Moon).

yeah i don’t like tsundere trash anymore

it all happened when i married and cooked for him a one star meal

and said it was shit


p.s. i never liked zidane tribal as a love interest. the other two characters i had a 2d crush on but now i’m pretty neutral towards them

Q9: Which statement is true?


  1. My favourite type of yandere is clingy.
  2. I want new sunglasses.
  3. I shop at Hot Topic.
  4. I like blue roses.

Answer: I like blue roses.


I don’t like Hot Topic, because they steal people’s art and put it on t-shirts. Plus, it’s hella expensive.

I don’t like sunglasses, because I hate wearing glasses in general.

My favourite type of yandere is obsessive, yo. Clingy is second.

Q10: Which one of these did I NOT wanted to be when I was little?


  1. Nurse
  2. Author
  3. Mechanical Engineer
  4. Programmer

Answer: Nurse.

I wanted to be an author in 1st grade. I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer grades 4-6, programmer in grade 7. Now I wanna be a doctor 😛



8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Those Quiz Results.

      • Oh, goody.
        When I go back on vacation in August, maybe you should PM me on BRD…? That was the only place I could get on to message people regularly… :/


      • Thanks! I actually mostly just PMed Katie, so… Yeahhhhhhhh. 😛 But if people want to keep in touch with me, they can PM me, too!
        The other thing was I thought I would have more internet than I actually did (*cough* crappy wifi *cough*) so I was expecting to be able to get on the BRD chatbox and talk to people there… But nope! I barely managed to send out PMs half the time! 😀

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