More Short Drafts

I write a lot of drafts, but I usually just stop writing them, and get too lazy to finish. A lot of these are old. Like, last year old.

So here are a series of more short drafts! That are not finished, but who cares?

Some of them I wanted to add onto, so anything written in blue is what I’ve added today.

Written on June 7th, 2015

Title: Fanfiction

They’re terrible.

Yet I can’t stop reading them, heh.

Some of them are genuinely well written and good, some of them are just plain horrible, and some of them are well written, but traumatizing. From my experience, fanfictions written on Wattpad and Deviantart are normally just bad, while is alright. There’s the bad, good, traumatizing, yeah. But of course, since it’s fanfiction, the fate of these characters are endless. Which is why it’s terrible!

What really annoys me is when people write fanfics of actual people in real life, like celebrities for example. They tend to write atrocious things which makes me feel really, really bad for the people in it. How’d you feel if someone wrote a fanfiction about you doing things with someone you despise?

Written on August 6th, 2015

Title: How well do you know me?

If you get more than 50%, I’m calling you a stalker. C:

Take the quiz here!

One of these is inaccurate now, but the rest of it applies to me. Try to guess the inaccurate one!

Written on August 15th, 2015

Title: Asian Racism

One of the things that sucks about being Asian is all of the racism you get. But not only that, but how ignorant people are! Just a reminder that I live in Canada, a place known for citizens having nice manners. I’m just going to tell you that if you live in Ontario and Quebec people are extremely rude, it’s mainly the west where you’ll find polite people. I’m just going to post here many things people have said to me, very offensive things they’ve said to Asians in general, and very stupid questions people ask.

“Are you Chinese!?” That’s what most people ask me at first sight. To be honest I am part Chinese, but I’m not proud of my Chinese heritage (I mean look at China, the government is corrupt!) I normally respond with:

“I am Asian.”

“Oh, I thought you were Chinese!” CHINA IS IN ASIA YOU IDIOTS! Learn where your countries are, please. Most people think Asia is a freaking country instead of a continent.

Another thing that I find really offensive and mean is where people call anyone who is Asian Chinese. In grade seven we had a field trip to an all you can eat Asian buffet, there was this one girl who sat near me and called one of the servers “Chinese guy” and I said to her, “What if he’s not Chinese? He looks Korean.” She responded with, “Japanese, Korean, I call all Asians Chinese.” OH MY GOD I WANTED TO SLAP THIS GIRL SO HARD, THAT’S INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE. Y’know what, everyone in Europe looks the same as Americans so I’m going to call everyone in Europe American! 🙂 NO, THAT’S NOW HOW IT WORKS. NOT EVERYONE IN EUROPE LOOKS THE SAME, NOT EVERYONE IN ASIA LOOKS THE SAME.

Then, this other girl who was near us said, “wait, Japanese and Koreans and Chinese people aren’t the same?” SHE ACTUALLY DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS A DIFFERENCE. I explained to her that NOT EVERYONE IN ASIA SPEAKS CHINESE and that they have their own languages. At least she wasn’t ignorant like the girl who called all Asians Chinese, but how do you NOT know that…?

To be fair whatever school I went to for middle and elementary were really ghetto and we barely learned anything, I actually taught myself the seven continents and where places are in the world myself.

There was this one dude in my class this year who kept on making racist jokes (the mean ones), so I said to him that I was Asian and told him to stop saying crap, then he said, “oh you’re Asian? I thought you were a completely normal person!” I’ll just leave it here before I swear. 🙂

Last but not least, I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DON’T CONSIDER THE MIDDLE EAST AS ASIANS! I’m not related to anyone in the middle east or India, but they’re just as Asian as Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, etc. Did you know: in the ghetto high school that I’m supposed to go to taught their students that the middle east was an entirely different continent. I know this because my friend who’s a year older than me told me that the middle east was a continent when I said it was a part of Asia, and we went in a heated argument. (Her points where that school told her that.)

There are a lot of more stories I could share, but it’d take years for me to write this. Seriously though, some Asian jokes are funny (making fun of harmless stereotypes such as Asians being good at math, Asians eating rice all of the time, etc) but there are some jokes that are way to far, and there are tons of ignorant people who don’t know a thing about the world.

By the way, if you don’t know your seven continents or where well known countries are, please study it right now to avoid making yourself looking like a fool and offending people. Please.

Written on September 27th, 2015

Title: Yandere Boyfriend Quizzes

All of the quizzes and stories about yandere guys (yandere is basically a person who’s mentally in love) are found in Quotev. I barely see that stuff on any other website, seems like only yandere male fans use Quotev. I made a post about this before, but I really only like obsessive yandere boys. Possessive yandere boys are trash, and literally almost all yandere boys are possessive. Sure I might be crazy to like a guy who’ll obsess over me until the day he dies, but I’m not crazy enough to want a guy to trap me in his house forever, or will kill me if I refuse to date him. I want a yandere male to just be extremely mad in love, and have it be true love. Y’know, where you actually care about the person, want them to be happy, not forever trapped in your closet. Unconditional love is just attractive, okay!? I’m talking too much, onto the quiz fun time! I doubt anyone will actually read until the end though.

So out of boredom, I decided to take these quizzes on Quotev.

First off, I’m doing Your Yandere! (Click here to take the same quiz.)

Description: Is your Yandere protective and careful around you? Or is he a creepy, murderous beast? Why not find out? ~ ♥

I hope that my yandere is Jared. ❤ (Basically an awesome dude who I can make potty jokes with.)

I ended up with sweet, but I had the same amount for sweet as I did psychotic. Interesting. I went to see the result for psychotic as well.

Sweet: Deric is a sweet and smart one. He doesn’t want to scare you, but he doesn’t want to let other people put their disgusting hands all over you. As much as he wanted to kill everybody who tried to speak with you, he kept quiet. Watch out, (y/n). He’s not as sweet as he seems to be.

Psychotic: Jeffrey has grown rather attached to you. His thoughts are filled only with you, wanting you to be his, wanting and hoping that you fall for him like he has for you. You’d better watch your back, (y/n), because he has gone psychotic for you.

At least psychotic doesn’t want to kill everybody who tries to speak with me…. Going for the psychopath here, sorry sweet boy.

Second, I’m doing Psycho Boy? :Meet Him: 1 (Click here to take the same quiz.) Apparently there are two parts, will do second part after doing this.

Description: I want to present you all my new quiz series ‘Psycho Boy’.
it will be some sort of yandere boyfriend story,where you and only you decide the ending of it 💉.
this one will be more about you for find out wich ‘Psycho boy’ you will get.
Hope you enjoy it!
I don’t own any of the images.


I ended up with…. Bully?

Bully: Leroy De La Fontaine
Age: 18
From: Lyon
Likes: Plushes|Loud music|Messing around with people|Fights|Sports|Gore.
Dislikes: Smart persons|People who think that can control him|Romantic stuff.
His type of girl: His perfect girl needs to have a nice body,needs to respect and take care of him
always listen to him and never leave him without anexplanation.
Personality: He is a tough rude guy,doesn’t have mercy for nobody someone who never hears the others
does everything by his own.
But when it comes to you he can act like a total perv,let’s say he can’t resist you.
Personality Snap: Loves to see someone beg.
Doesn’t have mercy,it’s narcissist
Extra: He is the team leader of a basketball team.
Pass most his time sleeping.
He doesn’t seem or act but he is really smart.
He lives in a mansion with his mother father and young sister.

What the…. WHAT THE HECK. I DON’T WANT A GUY THAT MESSES AROUND WITH PEOPLE, LIKES GORE, AND LIKES TO FIGHT. AND I’M CONSIDERED A “SMART” PERSON (according to Jared) SO HE’D HATE ME. ALSO I LIKE TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO (ask Jared I kinda tell him what to do most of the time, eheheh). I’m not a fan of romantic stuff either though. I’m not his type of girl, I don’t care about having a good looking body as long as I’m healthy. I’m also not your slave man, go hire a maid. I’m definitely not dealing with a tough rude guy, and I hate perverts for the most part. I hate narcissists, and I’m definitely not dating a spoiled brat. What a terrible “psycho” lover.

Okay, doing the second part. Psycho Boy? :First Day: 2 (Click here to take the quiz)

Got bully again, boring quiz, boring ending. Not even going to bother copying and pasting it. NEXT.

Last one of the day, Would YOU Survive Your Yandere Boyfriend? (Part 1) (Only doing part one.) Click here to take the quiz!

Description: Would you survive the crazy world of a yandere?

And…. He killed me.

“He has killed you… Maybe you have done all that stuff. You have hurt him…. Now he has hurt you. You are gone from reality. So this is what you call a ‘dead end’ *giggles*

(Holy shet wtf was that)”

I know right author? What the heck was that?


Anyways, I’m really not into a yandere boyfriend that’d kill me, or keep me in his basement forever or something. I want a yandere boy that’d kill anyone that tries to harm me, and only wants me to be happy. ❤ My OC, Seth is a great example. Once I actually make the story that’s in my mind with him in it, you’ll see what I mean. In a million years.

So if anyone actually read the whole thing, congratulations to you!

Written on October 9th, 2015

Title: Easy Ways to Get Me to Hate You

I’m such a negative person. :^) Warning: Contains some swearing.

If you do any of these, I’ll automatically hate you. (Or I’ll just engage in a huge argument with you, whatever.)

1. Ship Wadanohara x Sal

I’m pretty sure if you’ve stalked me, you’d notice I made a page about my ships. As you can see, Wadanohara x Samekichi is one of my major ships that I DO VERY CARE about!



I have mentioned that I am a hardcore shipper, and if you ship anything that involves one of my OTPs being ruined, YOU’RE GOING DOWN MATE.

Well, for the most part I respect other ships, it’s just that I like to jokingly fight about it. If you ship Wadanohara x Fukami, I’m fine with that. (JUST KNOW THAT SAMEKICHI X WADANOHARA IS MUCH BETTER!)

wada x same is cuter





What hurts me the most is that there’s more GOOD fan art of Wadanohara and Sal. </3



By the way, I cried laughing when I found this image:

Sorry Samekichi. :^(

but on a serious note, white trash deserves to die.

and don’t even get me started on people who ship samekichi x sal

2. Ship Switzerland and Austria


switzerland x liechtenstein is true otp

i try to find liech x swiss and all i find is swiss x austria smh

go ship something else gosh

cute as frick

Written on November 22nd, 2015

Title: A Broken Mind – Aleks x Seth






All this girl could hear was an unpleasant voice crying out for her behind the door, that was protecting her.

“Mei! Stop hiding from me! I know you’re in there! Come out, come out, where ever you are!” The one causing this ruckus began to bang on the door, because the maiden wasn’t following his command.

“N-No, G-GO AWAY!” She had no other choice, but to hide herself in her closet in hopes of not being found by the time the door has broken. “Dear God, please help me…” Mei’s soul was filled with regret. With every deafening bang, her body gradually shock even more. (lolwut) She was definitely not ready for what’s about to come.

A few seconds later, Mei could hear a huge object contacting the surface, and an insane laugh coming from the guy she was hiding from. She already knew what her fate was, but it made it worse how it’s going to happen any second from now. All she could do was wrap her arms around her legs in a curled up position, trying to ignore all of the sounds outside.

Unfortunately for Mei, the door was knocked open.

“ey gurl, u want sum fuk,” the boy started a conversation.

“aleks go away no one likes you,” Mei replied, still curled up in a ball.

“mei pls”

“fuck u”

After Aleks was rejected, he cried for days, refusing to get out of his room. His best friend, Seth arrived and knocked on his door.

“Aleks, are you okay? I haven’t seen you at school for three days now. What happened?” Seth asked.


“Aleks, please come out! I… I love you, and I need to see you come out again!” Seth cried; he desperately wanted Aleks’ dick.

“R-Really?” Aleks got out of his bed, and was ready to open the door.

“lolno kill urself akira is mah waifu im not gay,” Seth walked away, and was fucked by Akira in the ass.

The end.

Written on November 22nd, 2015.

Title: A Reason for Writing Fanfiction

Now that I think about it, my writing skills aren’t that bad compared to what I could write last year. In fact, it has drastically improved.

I mean, around last year I was terrible at writing. I got around a 70% in a writing task, for “adding too much detail.” What’s funny is that I’ve actually been adding more detail since that day, and it wasn’t too much detail at all. However, the way I wrote it was simply absolutely terrible.

Ever since that day I’ve tried to improve my writing skills, but I always had this massive writer’s block and I couldn’t write anything that was good. Eventually I just stopped trying to write well, because I truly believed that it was too hard to improve. I asked Shahnaz to help me, but the story I wrote was just flat out too terrible I was embarrassed to show her. Compare my writing skills to her, and I sucked. Badly.

I did remember one thing she told me though: Show, do not tell.

That stuck with my mind the whole entire time.

Anyways, around this summer (the phrase where I’d obsessively read YandereRussia x Reader fanfictions, because it was entertaining to read horribly written fanfictions) I motivated myself to actually write a GOOD YandereRussia x Reader Fanficton. I have the whole plot still, but I only finished writing the first chapter which was around 10 pages long. I lost motivation, and it’s not like anyone will read it anyways because I’m still too embarrassed to show my writing to the world. I think I could write better, anyways. 😉

Anyways, I stopped writing it when summer school came along, and I noticed a major difference in something. I was much better at writing narratives- I even got an A in a writing task I had! My vocabulary has also increased, since I’ve used the thesaurus to replace these ordinary words.

The point of this story is that literally writing a YandereRussia x Reader fanfiction has increased my writing skill.

So you should start writing more stories too, but don’t just follow the same format again and again. Try using different words that you haven’t used before (mainly the unheard ones), and show, don’t tell!

Written on December 15th, 2015

Title: My Will

yeah i’m 14 years old and i’m already writing my will don’t judge or do, whatever

Anyways, I’m writing this will because there are Syrian refugees that are ALREADY in Canada, and in all honesty at least ONE person from there is probably a terrorist. I wouldn’t say I live in a targeted area, however I live close enough to them where I suspect many things…

Honesty, I feel bad for the refugees and all, but I believe that we should fix our own problems before bringing more people who could potentially cause harm. For example: there are SO many homeless people in the streets… BUT NOPE, GUNNA LET SOME PEOPLE THAT MIGHT BE TERRORISTS INTO CANADA AND PROVIDE HOMES FOR THEM. YEAH!

The social justice warriors club in my school approves of this a lot though… They even made donation boxes for the refugees, and to donate clothing for the winter season for them.

How you’re going to tell if I died: Jared and Nunnally knows where I live, so if I don’t go online without notice for 3 days (amount for a person to be considered “missing”), they can check my city news (well Jared will know what’s happening since we’re living in the same city) and confirm if a tragedy happened or not. (Jared, please announce my death on this blog.)

It’d suck if Jared and I both die though, AHAHAHAHA.


-I want my Nunnally to have my Fantage account, and she can do what she desires.

-I want all posts on this blog to be trashed (but not permanently removed) or set to private, BESIDES a post talking about my death. (It’s pretty morbid to stalk a dead person’s post, imho.)

-I want my whole university fund to be donated for medical research, and only that.

Written on January 17th, 2016

Title: /why/

I seem to have the weirdest tastes in the world. ;-;

I rarely like characters, but when I do, they’re never reached their full potential. Which is extremely disappointing, for obvious reasons. (Well, this only applies to insane characters, as my innocent children: Ousama from Hatoful Boyfriend and Teacher from Alice Mare are perfect enough ;u;)

One of my favourite characters, Kumagawa Misogi is close to my ideal character. He’s insane and depressing in the Minus Arch of Medaka Box (and for some reason, that’s a perfect mix for me.) Sure he’s a pervert (which I have mixed feelings for), and he’s not as insane or depressing as he could be, but he makes things interesting, for sure.

The biggest problem about his character though, IS THE SERIES HE’S IN. Medaka Box is an awful series, and it’s definitely not a good environment for him to be in to display his full potential. Kumagawa is some serial killer who can make anything not exist, why put him in a series about the student council trying to solve people’s problems!? =_=

Second, Russia could have honestly been my favourite character of all time. Unfortunately, the amount of screen time he has and how Hetalia is a comedy based anime, they can’t really have him have the moments I desire for him to have.

I mean, clearly he has a terrible past, but it has only been mentioned or briefly shown. I mean, there’s only one episode of his past (which is only 5 minutes long, c’mon), that isn’t enough for character development! There’s also a comic about Bloody Sunday, BUT THAT’S ONLY LIKE TWO PAGES LONG (LITERALLY), THERE’S NOT ENOUGH DEVELOPMENT YOU CAN PUT IN THAT.

HIS INSANITY (WHICH HE CLEARLY SEEMS TO HAVE) IS ALMOST NEVER SHOWN! I’m pretty sure Russia would be a better character if Hetalia was dark. (Which it should be, in all honesty. The humour in Hetalia is mainly yaoi undertones, like c’mon.)

Written on January 26th, 2016

Title: if this is what quotev is maybe i’m writing stories in the wrong website

honestly wtf

seriously though who announces that they cut themselves

i’m sorry, but i honestly can’t stand emo people like UGH


I don’t care if you dress emo, because a very close friend of mine likes the emo style, but it’s when you ACT emo, it annoys the heck out of me! Seriously, I’m already a negative person and I don’t need more negative vibes going through my head. Also guys, cutting is NOT the answer, go get help. There are many hotlines you can call that will help you, free of charge. Don’t have all of your thoughts bottled inside, let it out to those trustworthy!

Oh, and if you claim you have a mental disorder without going to a doctor to check, I… I can’t take you seriously. At all. Honesty, so many claim to have depression and bipolar disorder I can’t take them seriously, along with PTSD. Most people lie about this, and it’s really hard to tell if someone actually has it or asking for attention.

I have now lowered my draft count to 14 posts! Congratulations to you if you have read all of this. Tell me if you did!


21 thoughts on “More Short Drafts

  1. I’m “Her Stalker” and got 80%.
    I didn’t know your favorite sport and had no idea you have a hamster.


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