Doodles Because I’m Pissed

I’m pissed from something, so I decided to doodle. Drawing doesn’t calm be down unlike most people, but doodles do! I wanted to doodle Gill, because why not?


daily reminder that gill is literally a tsun turn yan

this is literally how i imagine gill’s basement:


used molly instead of angela, because molly is prettier than angela imho


only i will laugh at this


14 thoughts on “Doodles Because I’m Pissed

    • why did i post this comment i meant that that was really hilarious and how does his dad get stuck in a chimney is there a plot thing i dont understand?


      • The reason why his dad got stuck in the chimney was because his dad found his wife’s ring that Gill hid in the chimney. You see, Gill hid his mother’s ring because after his mom’s death, his dad became violent. Since he held to the ring so much, Gill thought taking the ring away would make him back to normal again.
        Of course, that failed, but whatever. We can talk about Gill’s depressing as fuck canon backstory later.
        In my personal headcanon, in Gill’s basement that you never visit in the game for unknown reasons, there are hidden photos of the protagonist. He strikes me as some secret stalker.

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      • he needs to set the ring on fire in the chimney along with his dad
        stalker alert


  1. Anna. It’s me, sugar high the girl who is obsessed with Ib and thought her art was shit. I’m back, I had to make a new account though because I can’t remember my old password and I don’t remember the password to the email my account was linked to. Oops.


      • I’ve been in places that I’m really not yet comfortable talking about yet. But I can say I have travled the majority of Montana… but I moved. I’m now right next to Wyoming. ;-; (for awhile I was 50 miles away from Canada!)

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