doodle – mah oh-tea-pee

i wanted to doodle my otp of two of my ocs so there you go

aww otp






















aww they’re so cute they’re almost perfect for each other

too bad what happens in the story in my head this isn’t the actual ship, but something else

would change it to this, but that’d ruin the plot!! also i love it when my children suffer and not be in their perfect relationship

also, have this unholy edition of this drawing 😉 hUEHUEHUEHUEHEUEHUEHUE kill me before I lay eggs.


29 thoughts on “doodle – mah oh-tea-pee

    • Thank you thank you ;))
      The green guy is Seth. I haven’t really talked about the girl beside him, so I don’t really want to say her name until explaining everything. 😛 (That is, if people are willing to hear the story).


      • uhh idk how i should start
        The girl’s actual name is Akane, but she calls herself Akira because she likes to call herself a man (even though Akira can be used as a girl name, it’s mostly used for guys). Akira is an extreme tomboy, as she barely likes anything that’s targeted towards the female audience. When she was younger, her parents divorced and her mom got custody over her, and her mother is ashamed of what she became. Her mother wants her to be a proper lady, and start acting like her given gender. Her mother couldn’t stand Akira anymore as she disobeys, so she sent her to a strict boarding school (where the story takes place) in hopes of training her to a proper lady.
        Akira didn’t have any friends prior to going to a boarding school, as the girls think she’s too weird for wanting to be like a guy, and the boys think she’s trying too hard to be like them. It was also a common for people to think that she was a lesbian, but Akira is heterosexual. So of course, she was alone.
        Once she entered the boarding school, she became friends with Seth and Aleks, and possibly Mei (the bitch that’s supposed to be with Seth). I say possibly because the story is set up as if it was visual novel, and the protagonist is Mei. If Mei becomes friends with Akira, then Mei will kinda be influenced by her. :^) Aleks and Akira are friends because of their shared interest of good food, but Aleks thinks Akira’s “I’M A MAN” is just a phase. On the other hand, Seth actually doesn’t mind Akira’s personality, and accepts her for who she is. He even tells her to not change, and to just be herself.
        For the longest time, Akira just desired someone to accept her for who she is, and Seth is that person.
        i went too far didn’t i i’ll explain seth’s side later or something

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      • I already typed in a huge amount, I replied to chasano. Check the entire comment section of this post, you’ll see the great wall of text


      • it’s actually your average teenage high school adventure! Mei is stuck in her harem of crazy ass dudes who will potentially murder others to get her! everyday stuff. idk you lose some you gain some
        I usually make a lot of stories and use the same characters (think of my OCs as actors), and in another story, Seth and Akira are definitely more shippable, but Akira ends up dying. :/// and Seth’s stuck with a “gOTTA SAVE MEI” mentality :////// then again he can’t really save akira now can he


      • Mei’s just getting in the way of Seth preserving Akira’s body and keeping it forever in his room 😒


    unless they’re playing the last airbender movie or kidz bop songs in the basement


    • “unless they’re playing the last airbender movie” fucking died
      really? i pitied the girl more than seth lol
      Pretty sure Seth is okay with having his ass ripped to shreds, as long as he has her forever or something. :^)

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      • wow
        or wait maybe
        could it be you and jared, actually, and this is just a sham?!
        (cough you once said that you would use a strap on on jared if he was gay)


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