Icon Art Raffle Results


Congrats to Boltie Crystal Blossom and Luka Puka! You have 2 days to claim your prize. Send me your references. If you do not, then Queen Minty and Rainbowstar135 will get your prize, and then blah blah blah I think you understand the point.

Thank you all for entering! If you feel bad about losing, just know that this is entirely a game of chance. 😛

Have a good day, everyone!

If I made a mistake on your part, or if I forgot to add you in, I will draw you an icon as well! Just tell me what error I made, with evidence. Thanks!


21 thoughts on “Icon Art Raffle Results

  1. Wow…
    Never one a raffle before LOL
    Do I send the reference through email, or do I post it?


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