Short Short Complaints

My mom yells at me for wearing shorts that are too short. This angers me.

I’m not complaining because they’re not too short (in fact, they are too short), I’m complaining because I’m wearing shorts that I got ever since 5th grade, because my parents refuse to buy me new clothes. Or have been delaying the time.

And anything I actually have (aka only 2 pair of shorts) that don’t almost reveal my ass, I’ve already worn this week, and my mom says “WHY DON’T YOU WEAR IT AGAIN!?” Because it’s disgusting.

Anyways, for Canada’s day my mom wants me to wear JEANS because she doesn’t want me to wear shorts that are too short, and tells me she’ll buy me new summer clothes… In September, when they’re on sale.

…Thanks mom, this is the hottest summer that’s being recorded in my city, y’know. =_=

I’m just going to tag along my friend when she goes shopping in a mall later.


19 thoughts on “Short Short Complaints

      • Lol at first I thought you mean you were short as in height (though if I remember you said you were before) until I realised I asked earlier if you were a skirts person. =P
        Well, skirts are trendy? But then so are shorts, I’m guessing you didn’t have much luck finding shorts?


      • Noo, I’m referring to how people can find skirts of the appropriate size, whereas you cannot find shorts that are not too short.


  1. You try could cutting jeans you don’t like anymore into shorts I’ve been doing that secretly because my mom won’t buy me shorts plus you can just choose the length if you cut it yourself so it won’t be “too short”
    If you keep doing it maybe she’ll probably stop complaining my mom stopped after she saw I was wearing them a lot more


  2. lol and how hot does it get where you are
    im living in 120 degrees here but it rained today yay
    LOL “I’ll buy you more when it’s on sale!” OMAG YOUR MOM


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