Had a Pretty Rad Dream

I think it was awesome, while some may argue that it is a nightmare.

I had a dream where I was a boy, and I looked like a generic anime protagonist. Black hair, and black eyes. Imagine Kirito from SAO. Anyways, I was a legendary swordsman, but something happened to me, which caused me to be in my puny teeanger form. I had to train with some ordinary sword.

Anyways, I pretty much had two idenities. One of them was a troublesome theif, and another was an innocent boy. At first, I tried fighting this group of people, but then almost got annilated and was shown mercy. I ran away, made myself look innocent, and tried to join their group, as they accept children or teenagers trying to escape from war. (In the dream, there was a ton of battle going on.)

The group gathered on a boat to travel, and I could sense an evil team with my hidden abilities. In my dream, I was asked what was wrong with me, but I decided to keep this a secret and try to fight myself. The team was too huge, so some of the swordsmen from our group came and helped me, and then they realised I was that faggot who tried to steal their food. They ignored that fact, and action happened.

Lots of people in my group died. We ran for our lives. And I woke up.



18 thoughts on “Had a Pretty Rad Dream

  1. Woah.
    It sounds really strange but a few nights ago I had a lucid nightmare where Karasuma from Assassination Classroom (a cartoon in a 3D world) was going to put me and one of my piano classmates in a saw trap and when I woke up I had pain around my neck that lasted for a few minutes…


        I had a dream when I was walking on my elementary school’s campus, and I fell straight down on my face, and right before I hit the ground flat, I woke up and had the feeling that I fell on my bed on my back.
        It didn’t make any sense at all.
        This usually happens like 5 minutes after I close my eyes and is seriously mind-blowing (and sometimes annoying if I’m really tired.) I stopped having it a few months ago, though. 😛
        (in creepy voice): it will come back though…


  2. I love dreams 😀 Mine are so amazing, it’s like watching a movie. In fact, that happened once. I was dreaming about me watching a movie… it was pretty cool 😛
    Today I had a weird dream but I don’t remember what it was. All I remember that is was weird. I hate it when that happens like ughhhhhh why is my memory so bad

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