i belieb i can fly

i believe i can fly

daily reminder that i’m 4’11 and 15 years old

but i literally look 12

curse my asian genes

i swear if i get one comment saying “you’re so pretty!1!1!” i’m going to scream at you, because this is literally the back of some asian 15 year old that looks 12

also my internet is really shitty today jfc nOTHING WILL LOAD, I CAN’T EVEN SEE THE IMAGE I UPLOADED FOR THIS POST

if the image doesn’t work, i’ll update this post later fml



43 thoughts on “i belieb i can fly

  1. I’m 4’11 too. Man, being one inch off of 5′ is so annoying, though, ’cause then everyone’s like, “Haha, you’re not even 5 feet tall yet!” And all the people going into freshman year actually look like freshman, whereas I look like I’m a 6th grader. xD


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