Reading Bad Fanfics Part 1

Hello people. It is I, Anna, and today we have something amazing with us today.

A bad lemon fanfiction. It’s Len x Reader. Y’know, Len from Vocaloid. High pitch boy on helium boy.

Don’t worry. It’s too poorly written to be considered pornography. You will not lose your eye virginity while reading these lines. Plus, I didn’t include those scenes.

I will not link the fanfic title because I don’t want hate going toward the author, as I must be respectable to an extent. After all, I’m basically taking someone’s serious work and laughing at it because it’s atrocious.

Anyways, let’s read some paragraphs, shall we!?


omfg calm your hormones man


len you’re like 14 stop


“His hair was covering his eyes, kinda making it look creepy.” omfg best lines 10/10 would read and laugh at again

emo len is 3sp00ky5me


sad bc can’t have sex with girl he loved

god damnit how horny do you have to be to want sex, not love

“Len lastly ripped of your pantsu”

this fanfic went full weeb

This has been an outstanding fanfic. If you want to know the ending, basically reader passes out after a few seconds, wakes up the next morning, and Len proceeds to rape her again. 10/10 BEST STORY OF THE YEAR *clapping intensifies*

Lessons of the day:

  • Please do not romanticise rape
  • Please do not use Japanese words in the middle of your story
  • Please use proper grammar
  • Please contain your hormones

BTW, this was a yandere len x reader fanfic to be specific, and I think the writer confused yandere for psycho rapist.


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