Friends Give Stupid Dating Advice

Title says all.

So the other day, my friend who I’ll call Mary (y’know, that girl who got pissed at me for no good reason) told me the other day that girls actually like the opposite of the ideal man they describe.

Then, Tear said that you should date multiple people throughout your life, because you need to see the type of guys you like. It’s stupid to marry the first person you date.

Of course, the only irl friend who knows that I have a boyfriend is Lynn, who I trust the most and is my best friend in real life. I’m telling you this: I have dated two people in my entire life. First one was Jared. I was young and stupid, so when I got bored of Jared, I went for someone else, who was a complete asshole. I went back to Jared, realising that he is really the best guy I’ve known. When you decide to date other people because you feel like you need someone better, you get worse. There’s NO shame in marrying the first person you date, especially when you’re content with them. There’s too much risk of dating another person just because you need to see the type of guy you like. What if you just keep on dating people who are even worse? And the best man will find a better girl who won’t leave them because they are dating multiple people to see what they like. Smh.

I told Mary and Tear that I’m pretty sure I don’t want to marry a bad boy working at Mcdonalds. I also described my “dream” guy to them, which was essentially Jared LOL


and i’m just facepalming jfc

My advice is to not be an asshole and don’t date people for your little experiment. You should be intelligent enough to know what you want, not having to waste time on guys. Don’t be in a relationship where your goal isn’t marriage. Every guy is different. If you like that one guy you dumped the most, you will not meet that guy again. Just be with who you like. If the first guy you date is absolutely wonderful, then stay with him. There’s too much risk to go for another guy, and you shouldn’t break your own happiness.


32 thoughts on “Friends Give Stupid Dating Advice

  1. Is what your friends say even advice? Seems more like what NOT to do if you want to date.
    I completely agree with you. If you find someone you like, just stick with them since you actually like them. Who knows what will happen if you go off chasing other people to find your “type” to only find the person you dated was the “one”. Just be happy in the relationship you are in.

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    • As something Jared always tells me, but I can not quote exactly, “do not try to look for better (looking for a better partner), as best (the partner you’ve left for “better), will find someone better than you the time you come back.”
      Basically, if that person you left that so happens to be the best person you’ve met, chances are, other people will like them too, and actually stay instead of trying to experiment.

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  2. I understand that you can learn more about your “type” through dating, but you shouldn’t go into a relationship just because only want to learn about yourself. That’s not fair to the other person.

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  3. I wouldn’t really say that the goal of dating is marriage. Sometimes, short term relationships can make you feel really happy, even if you know it won’t work out in the end. But other than that I agree with you. “Experimenting” just seems like a really bitchy thing to do.


    • Well, I guess it comes down to the person. Personally for me, short term relationships would make me upset, because you know 100% that there’s an expiry date. I dislike being attached to people, and having it to end. I don’t want to create memories that will make me happy, only to cry at them in the end.
      I never want to be in a situation where I can say, “this guy who I dated is better than my husband”, either.


  4. I find it kind of interesting you think its “too risky” to go out and experiment with other guys. Whats the Risk? That you will NEVER meet someone you like that much again? That sounds like it is coming from insecurity. I think it is more healthy to stay with someone because you really really like them. If you decide you dont really really like them then move on. I dont want to stay with someone because its “too risky to leave”


    • Well, I’m not going to lie and tell you that I’m not insecure, but there was a time where I lelt my boyfriend for another guy. That was the worst mistake of my life.
      From personal experience, if you really like a guy but you break up to find better, you will never find a guy you’ll love more or even equally again. That’s why I find it risky.
      But I mean, if you don’t like them anymore of course you should end the relationship. I’m more referring to “it’s too risky to leave a guy that you love to try for better.”


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