oh my lORD

I woke up at 6:00am, and decided to read a Yandere fanfic for the lols. If someone knows me well, they’d know LAUGHING at terrible yandere fanfictions or stories is my guilty pleasure. Like seriously, most of the guys are rich af, like they own a mansion of some sort, kidnapp their lover, say they love them, love triangle happens, blah blah blah generic shit. Best of all, they’re barely yanderes, more like possessive pricks. They just want to own the girl or whatever.

So I decided to read one, which was a Len x Reader, because I know how BEAUTIFUL that’d turn out. Basic plot: Len cheats on reader, and sleeps with multiple girls. Mhm. Totally yandere. I was prepared to laugh.

And then I got hooked and actually enjoyed it. I finished it at 8:30am.

Oh my gosh, these two hours I’ll never get back. NO RAGRETS.

I expected some possessive trash who cheats so that the reader becomes jealous, but instead I got brilliant character development from a cold player, into an obsessed as fuck yandere. Spot on.

Only flaws were that the reader was predictable and stupid, as always. But in all seriousness, she loved Len, even when she broke up with him, but then dated someone the next day, LOL. To some pink haired wearing beanie faggot. Gay af.

Oh, and how it ended in a cliffhanger. God damnit.

Annd how annoying Rin was. And seriously, fuck that Rin x Kaito ship. Because I see Kaito as an innocent child-man, I ship him with no one. Unless if it’s a gay ship. Then I approve because I have needs.

And what’s with that male hatsume miku?? 

But boy, Len evolved to a beautiful yandere. Even included the “childhood friends” part, WHICH GIVES A VALID EXCUSE TO LOVE, INSTEAD OF “YOU’RE PURDY. I LOVE U FOREVER.”


7 thoughts on “oh my lORD

  1. oh gosh if i hadnt sold all of my inventory i could’ve made a REALLY good kaito cosplay
    i mean someone made a user-inspired top that looks exactly like his
    eh but anyway he looks like the stereotypical anime guy that all girls crush on bcuz all anime dudes look alike and it’s sorta the same with girls ok BIG ANIME BOOBS ISN’T ALL THAT ATTRACTIVE

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