Important Question…

Is it okay for a 9th grader to hang out with a 12th grader?

I ask this, because afterschool I decided to hang out with a friend of mine, who so happens to be in 12th grade. He’s actually really nice. Not the nice act where he wants to get in your pants, but the nice friendly type. He asked if I wanted to go to the library and to tutor me grade 12 chemistry. 

So I said yes, and while entering the library, I saw other 9th graders stare at me with judging eyes. (I hope a stupid rumour doesn’t come out, jeez.) He did his chemistry homework while I did my English. We talked about vidya games. He told me things about grade 12 chemistry that I’ll probably forget. :^) It was fun, man.

I eventually asked him what he thought about hanging out with a 9th grader. He then proceeded to tell me he forgot I was in 9th grade. Again. This was literally the third time HE KEEPS ON THINKING I’M OLDER =__=

But there was definitely no romantic or sexual relationship there. We were hanging out like buddies. Is it wrong for a freshman to hang out with a senior? Opinions, please.


22 thoughts on “Important Question…

  1. Well no but ppl always gossip about that kind of stuff like( ppl in ur grade mostly will probably say some stuff ) If you’re not doing anything wrong then I see nothing wrong with it if your just friends. I talk to 9th graders and I’m in like the higher grades but if your just talking then it’s no biggie.

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  2. no, it’s definitely not weird or anything wrong with it at all.
    why should there be? he seems like a nice guy and i have friends who are older than me and there’s really nothing weird about it.
    as long as you guys don’t care about it it shouldn’t be any problem
    3 years isn’t even a large gap

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  3. It’s definitely okay!! I have quiet a few friends in 12th grade but for me its more normal since I’m in 11th grade theres not much year gap LOL
    Point is my friends friends were in 12th grade when we were in 9th and even today we have friends in other grades too?? It’s nice too since at my school we don’t organize lunches by grades so you can be popped into any period and if you have friends in different grades theres a higher chance of not being alone at lunch
    in the end no one will know who’s in which grade anyways its not like elementary school where you can tell if someones in kindergarten

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    • lunch is organized by grades. 9 and 11 have early lunch, and 10 and 12 have late lunch. First semester 9 and 12 had lunch together, because there was a rumour a 9th grader was dating an 11th grader. .___. (And they don’t want that.)


      • oooh omg everyones lunches here are scattered LOL
        grade 9s are usually p3 and gr10s usually p4 but gr 11s and 12s are literally everywhere

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    • People judging, really.
      I’m just terrified people will think the wrong way. I don’t want to seem as if I was desperate, and I don’t want people accusing my friend as a pedophile.


      • So what if they do? If they don’t judge you on this, they’ll just find something else to judge you on.
        If this guy really is that nice, you shouldn’t drop a potential friendship with him just because of what others might think… :/

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  4. It’s awesome you guys get along and enjoy the company. Like what everyone else here said, it’s not weird.
    I suppose the people are judging because they think you’re up to something. Like people usually have negative thoughts surrounding the kind of girls that’s always hanging around older guys looking like they’re ‘flirting’ (not talking about you btw) or something. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never thought like that.
    I had the thought when I first SEE it and then I ignore it because they could actually just be friends, etc. Plus it’s not worth my time to think about what the hell they’re up to.

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  5. No it isn’t, it’s ok to hang out with someone who is older or younger than you, I’m friends with a few 6th graders and acquaintances with some highschoolers.

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  6. nope, im in 8th grade and i have 2 friends who are 12 graders and 1 that is a sophomore. Last year when i was in 7th grade i was friends with 2 other 12 graders that graduated last year. So it actually isn’t weird.

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  7. Nah, it’s fine. People just judge you for having older friends because 1) they wish THEY had older friends or 2) they are busybodies who are judgemental and just look for the negative in everything.
    You’re cool though 😀

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  8. I’m in 7th grade and I hang out with juniors who actually share a few interests with me. o.o
    It’s totally OK!


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