My Life is Wasted

Very time I reflect on how I was obsessed with Neil from Harvest Moon A New Beginning depresses me to no end. I mean, dang, I had bad taste. Why was I into tsundere trash lol

Thankfully my tsundere phase wasn’t that long! It’s only like 11 years and younger. My yandere phase is still ongoing :^)

But really, Neil is one of the WORST tsunderes in Harvest Moon. There are tsunderes that are assholes and tsunderes that aren’t assholes. Most male tsunderes are the former.

A “perfect” tsundere in my words, is someone who appears cold and distant at first, but eventually warms up to you. Not someone who looks cold and stays cold, and is secretly a softy. No. I need you to stay soft once you are, damnit.

A good example would be Samekichi from Wadanohara. He’s a tsundere you can’t hate! If you want me to get an example from harvest moon, there’s Gray from Friends of Mineral Town. Great tsundere. Not an ass once we engage in a romantic relationship! Will not tell me how my cooking sucks if I don’t make 5 star meals when we’re married! *COUGH* FUCK YOU NEIL MY COOKING IS GREAT *COUGH*

I can’t believe I wasted all of my time on HIM, of all people.

Y’know, there are too many tsunderes in harvest moon! We need a yandere. Something I told Marina back then, but she mentioned that isn’t harvest moon for kids? I said that they have made some pretty dark themes, that adding a light yandere wouldn’t hurt.

One week ago I found that THERE IS a yandere in one of the harvest moon games. (IN THE JAPANESE VERSION LMAO) well, he’s kinda yandere in the English version too?? He just says things but doesn’t act on them, but he had an infamous line: “I want to lock you up in my basement and keep you in there” (something similar along those lines) and other stuff. :^) He’s clingy as hell, too.

He’s also a tsundere. The good kind. You match that with yandere. It’s a beautiful hybrid. Tsundere turned yanderes, tsundere and yandere, or tsunderes that are closet yanderes are GREEAT, YO!

If you want to know who it is, you can get a really good guess if you have seen my profile in BRD. :^)


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