i hate girls sometimes

no wonder i’m hella straight

So today, I went to Art class first period as usual, and sat near my friends. One of them, we’ll call Mary (because as said, I hate letter names). Mary was obviously upset, but when someone asked her, “are you okay?” She would respond with, “I’m fine.” AND THIS ANNOYS ME TO DEATH. COULD AT LEAST SAY, “I’m upset, but I would rather not talk about it.”

Something I’ve noticed is that she would flat out ignore me when I tried to talk to her. I then demanded for answers, and she told me I was part of the problem. I asked her what did I ever do to her, and she responded with, “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID ANNA.”

At the time, I was CLUELESS. I despise it when people are like this. Humans are idiots. We do not realise what we did wrong until we’re told. Me, being sick and tired of bullshit, told her, “just tell me what I did wrong so I can apologise for it!” (In a very demanding manner. I’m not going to act like the innocent one here.)

So then she said stuff like, “I’M NOT TELLING YOU. I DON’T TRUST YOU. YOU CAN GO ASK TEAR (another friend who I mentioned in previous posts) WHAT YOU DID.” So then, thinking about it for awhile, I realised what I have done. Personally, I don’t think it’s as serious as she’s making it be, but here’s the story:

On Monday, Mary ranted to me and talked about how Tear only talks to her to help her do her work. According to Mary, I promised I wouldn’t tell Tear about it, but I honestly do not recall promising that. It could just be me, though.

On Tuesday, Tear asked me why Mary is ignoring her. I told Tear what Mary told me (how Tear only talks to Mary about work), and Tear told me that she doesn’t only want to talk to Mary about work.

Tear confronted Mary about the situation, and told Mary that I told Tear how Mary felt.

So yeah, that’s the story. Mary is mad at me because I told Tear why Mary ignored her. To be fair, perhaps I did promise not to tell, but in my perspective, things won’t be solved unless you talk it out. Ignoring someone solves absolutely nothing. I did not think it would make the situation worse. I thought Tear would apologise to Mary with what she’s done, or at least reconsider her actions.

So I told Mary my point of view, and Mary said stuff like, “you shouldn’t have told anyways, Tear isn’t like you, and you broke your promise!”

I just apologised for my actions because I was done screaming at her to just tell me what the hell was wrong, and then she apologised too, but in a obvious “I’m still pissed at you” manner.

Fucking girls make things too fucking dramatic. It’s a stupid thing to get mad at me over, and she’s making the situation much worse than it should have been. If she was fucking smart, she would have just told Tear “I feel like you always tell me to do your work, instead of talking to me as a friend.” BUT NOOO, SHE HAS TO IGNORE TEAR AND GET PISSED WHEN I TELL TEAR WHY MARY IS UPSET



Important Question…

Is it okay for a 9th grader to hang out with a 12th grader?

I ask this, because afterschool I decided to hang out with a friend of mine, who so happens to be in 12th grade. He’s actually really nice. Not the nice act where he wants to get in your pants, but the nice friendly type. He asked if I wanted to go to the library and to tutor me grade 12 chemistry. 

So I said yes, and while entering the library, I saw other 9th graders stare at me with judging eyes. (I hope a stupid rumour doesn’t come out, jeez.) He did his chemistry homework while I did my English. We talked about vidya games. He told me things about grade 12 chemistry that I’ll probably forget. :^) It was fun, man.

I eventually asked him what he thought about hanging out with a 9th grader. He then proceeded to tell me he forgot I was in 9th grade. Again. This was literally the third time HE KEEPS ON THINKING I’M OLDER =__=

But there was definitely no romantic or sexual relationship there. We were hanging out like buddies. Is it wrong for a freshman to hang out with a senior? Opinions, please.

My Life is Wasted

Very time I reflect on how I was obsessed with Neil from Harvest Moon A New Beginning depresses me to no end. I mean, dang, I had bad taste. Why was I into tsundere trash lol

Thankfully my tsundere phase wasn’t that long! It’s only like 11 years and younger. My yandere phase is still ongoing :^)

But really, Neil is one of the WORST tsunderes in Harvest Moon. There are tsunderes that are assholes and tsunderes that aren’t assholes. Most male tsunderes are the former.

A “perfect” tsundere in my words, is someone who appears cold and distant at first, but eventually warms up to you. Not someone who looks cold and stays cold, and is secretly a softy. No. I need you to stay soft once you are, damnit.

A good example would be Samekichi from Wadanohara. He’s a tsundere you can’t hate! If you want me to get an example from harvest moon, there’s Gray from Friends of Mineral Town. Great tsundere. Not an ass once we engage in a romantic relationship! Will not tell me how my cooking sucks if I don’t make 5 star meals when we’re married! *COUGH* FUCK YOU NEIL MY COOKING IS GREAT *COUGH*

I can’t believe I wasted all of my time on HIM, of all people.

Y’know, there are too many tsunderes in harvest moon! We need a yandere. Something I told Marina back then, but she mentioned that isn’t harvest moon for kids? I said that they have made some pretty dark themes, that adding a light yandere wouldn’t hurt.

One week ago I found that THERE IS a yandere in one of the harvest moon games. (IN THE JAPANESE VERSION LMAO) well, he’s kinda yandere in the English version too?? He just says things but doesn’t act on them, but he had an infamous line: “I want to lock you up in my basement and keep you in there” (something similar along those lines) and other stuff. :^) He’s clingy as hell, too.

He’s also a tsundere. The good kind. You match that with yandere. It’s a beautiful hybrid. Tsundere turned yanderes, tsundere and yandere, or tsunderes that are closet yanderes are GREEAT, YO!

If you want to know who it is, you can get a really good guess if you have seen my profile in BRD. :^)