Yesterday there were two field trips available for me. I could go to Church with all of the other 9th graders, or I could go plant trees with the Eco team. I went to plant trees instead because I am not Christian. (And I hate large gatherings.)

There was only another 9th grader in Eco club, but he was really weird and… Fat. So I avoided him at all costs. (Literally looked like a neckbeard.)

So I spent the day with 12th graders. They didn’t seem to mind me, in fact, one of them was my friend, who I met when I tried for student council. We went to plant trees in this new trail. The mayor was there, along with two other high schools and we all planted trees. My group planted around 5 trees in total. 🙂 It was hard work and labour, though. I think it was really fun because I felt included, for once! (The 12th graders let me in on their conversation.) 

So when we were finished, we planned on going back to school for lunch, and then plant trees in school, so I would have been excused for 4th period. We came back around the end of early lunch, where everyone from the grade 9 Church field trip was back. I greeted my friends, and we went outside for a stroll because apparently they would have lunch for both breaks. (There are two lunch breaks in my school. Early lunch is for grades 9 and 11, late is for 10 and 12.) A lot of 9th graders went outside too. They then annouced that all 9th graders to go to their period 3 class WHEN everyone was outside. I had to go inside to take a piss, and the cleaning lady angrily told my friends and I to get to class and stop skipping class. We were confused. And to be frank, because I was in a different field trip, I was actually supposed to be on break right now. I was not supposed to be in class, but I went to class anyways and didn’t get to eat. Whatever.

I saw my friend Eliza (note that it’s not her real name, I just hate letter code names) and asked her what was going on, considering that there was only 7 people in class. There was homework on the board, and nothing was going on. Sweet. I played chess and war with people, because there was not enough people to start a lesson.

At the end of 3rd period, a lot of people came to class and they got in serious trouble because they walked outside. To be honest, they heard they had like 120 minutes of break, so of course they would go eat pizza or whatever. I feel bad for all of them. :/ (In fact, most 9th graders were outside. They all got in trouble.) 

Anyways, 4th period began and I went to go plant more trees. The photographers harassed us to take photos of us, and I was uncomfortable with that, but apparently they have to take a photo of me. =__= (I don’t like it when people take photos of me and upload them.)

Mini rant: CAN PEOPLE STOP TAKING PHOTOS OF ME AND UPLOAD THEM TO SNAPCHAT LIKE I REALLY HATE PHOTOS OF ME ONLINE IN GENERAL! I DON’T WANT SOME CREEP KNOWING WHAT I LOOK LIKE WHEN I DON’T TALK TO THEM! (Knowing them online is an exception, but I don’t want people who I have not even talked to see what I look like.)

It was fun to plant trees. We cleaned up early, so I followed 12th graders and skipped the last bit of geography class. They barged into classrooms and I was awkwardly standing there. The teachers didn’t mind. (Random fact: 12th graders usually come to classrooms and interrupt them.)

Overall I liked that day besides a few atrocious parts, but now after all of that work I WAKE UP AND MY BACK HURTS SO BADLY I CAN’T MOVE MY LEFT ARM KILL ME PLEASE


14 thoughts on “MY BACK HURTS

  1. I had a picture taken of me in before in this nature thing I did outside of school and got told by some friends later in the week that I appeared on the this newspaper and because I don’t get that particular newspaper I didn’t see it. They didn’t bring it for me to see either. I wished I saw it so I would know if I looked stupid or what.

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    • Thank you! :>

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