Racist Asian Jokes?

So today was the rehearsal of student council speeches. Tomorrow the election begins.

My speech was the most powerful, but all of the other speeches were hilarious, or official. Mine was casual, short, and powerful.

This one guy, who was Chinese, went up and made a lot of racist Asian jokes. You see, last Thursday the teachers had to moderate your speeches, and I can’t believe they allowed those jokes to slide!

I’m not offended, I make them all of the time, but it’s just… One of the few things you should never say in a speech.

His speech was the most memorable, because it was so terrible. He seems very irresponsible, and I would hate to lose to him. This year, only 15 people are running, 2 are running for grade nine (the guy who won the grade 9 rep election only because he was a guy and I), and there are a lot of 10th and 11th graders. Only 12 people can make it, but it is possible that they’ll make an council of only EIGHT members, which is… Insanely small.

So I have to be better than 3 people, and the odds are definitely not in my favour, but I desire to win.

Good luck to me for tomorrow,  I guess.

If you come to my school (which I doubt, and you should totally talk to me), but vote for a girl named Anna in grade 9, who wants to solve problems in the school! ;D


9 thoughts on “Racist Asian Jokes?

    • He’s saying this:
      “So as you all know, I’m Chinese! My parents always tell me, “*insert his name here*, YOU HAVE TO GET THE A+++ OR YOU A DISGRACE TO YOUR FAMERY. YOU HAVE TO BE LAWYER OR DOCTOR OR YOU DISAPPOINTMENT. CHING CHING CHONG CHING!”
      You should have seen our reactions. We were all shocked.


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